USA and Israel Threatening Nuclear Holocaust…

Israel and the USA emphatically state that if Iran develops a nuclear weapon capability, then Iran will launch that weapon against the USA, Israel and even Europe. Yet, both Israel and the USA are considering blowing up Iran's nuclear facilities. Blowing up a nuclear facility is the same as launching a nuclear weapon against that... Continue Reading →


The Question Isn’t When Life Begins…

Life begins at conception? Life begins with an egg--the egg is life. Life begins with a sperm--the sperm is life. The baby, whether it be a giraffe, a dog, a fish, a lamb, a bird, a human...begins to develop at conception. When the baby is viable outside the body of the mother/host that baby is... Continue Reading →

Re: Unions and Collective Bargaining Rights

By weakening unions and stripping workers of collective bargaining rights in the USA, the power of the workers to negotiate on their own behalf is transferred to a  handful of people in the government, leaving the workers without a voice that can make a difference and without recourse to address their needs. Republicans say they... Continue Reading →

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