Re: Unions and Collective Bargaining Rights

By weakening unions and stripping workers of collective bargaining rights in the USA, the power of the workers to negotiate on their own behalf is transferred to a  handful of people in the government, leaving the workers without a voice that can make a difference and without recourse to address their needs.

Republicans say they want less government control and intervention in every day people’s lives, yet they support an ideology that gives the government even more control. That’s what dictatorships are made of. Be careful that your ideologies remain consistent with your actions absent the loopholes.

It appears that Republicans want to return to the days of “sweat shops”–because it’s working in China, where USA companies move their operations. The Chinese people won’t put up with their government’s tactics for much longer. Already we’re hearing some brave dissenting voices.

Ohioans through a “no” vote on Issue Two, which would deny workers their rights, handsomely defeated the Republicans efforts in this state to return to the “sweat shop” era.

I hope some of those brave dissenters in China get that message and say no to their government as well.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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