Washington DC’s rebuke of the most recent Israeli settlement surge is meaningless. The rebuke makes the USA look good to the world, while hands behind the backs show crossed finger poses made just for Israel–a self-portrait of who the USA really is. Will the real United States of America please stand up? When the Jews remain seated, you’ll know it’s them. Inside joke, but still…most people can figure that one out.

In fact, Washington’s rebuke of anything Israeli carries no weight. Everybody knows it, yet everybody keeps thinking that they can change the fox who guards the hen-house. Everybody keeps thinking that the USA and the USA alone is the only country that can influence Israel. One might think that being such die-hard friends, that such friends would have influence over the actions of the other. Most friendships operate that way. In this friendship, however, Israel calls all the shots. So it seems to me to be one-sided, which means Israel is dictator over the USA–and not a friend as Israelis and American politicians say.

“The Palestinians refuse to negotiate with the Netanyahu government as long as it continues to build in the West Bank and East Jerusalem–territories that would form the core of their future independent state.”

They’ve been negotiating at least as long as I’ve lived in Cleveland, which is seventeen years. The Israeli land mass has grown, not shrunk contrary to Netanyahu’s claims. First he was the size of New Jersey, then last winter, the size of Rhode Island. Come on, you’re working on Massachusetts and you know it. Do you think maybe that’s the strategy? Tell the world you’re shrinking while you’re growing? Wake up world.

The Israelis got their cease-fire, no more suicide bombings inside Israel. Yet Israel didn’t cease their massacres inside Palestine. Weeding out (killing) the (bad) Palestinians till all who resist Israeli expansion are dead is Hitleresque. That’s what Hitler did. He sought to weed out (kill) all the Jews he considered bad. Wake up world.

“Israel rejects that [Palestinian] demand [to halt settlement building], arguing that previous rounds of talks moved ahead in tandem with settlement construction.”

There’s that’ merry go round’ again. The horses all stay in the same position, while the base moves only to bring the horses back to their original positions–again and again. That’s not moving forward; that’s tricking people into thinking that because your moving, you’re moving forward. It’s like the musical chairs of the top government posts inside Israel. They make you think after each election that change has arrived, when all that happened was the few people at the top simply swapped positions.

No one in their right mind is going to negotiate for seventeen years with an enemy, while the enemy is still stealing their land and ruining their lives. At some point the Palestinians have to say stop. The reason the USA presses the Palestinians to make all the concessions is because Israel drives American politics. If you want to get elected and stay elected you have to pledge allegiance to Israel expansion, Israeli terrorism.

It is not the domain of any country to decide where the people of another country are going to live within that country. The USA knows better. They wiped out almost an entire segment of the human race through the massacres of the Indian Nations. That too sounds Hitleresque. Only thing is that Hitler wasn’t around then. So what white guy decided to commit a holocaust against the entire Indian Nation?

Netanyahu keeps saying that he’s going to relocate this group and put them here, and relocate that group and put them there, so that Israelis get all the prime real estate. What right does he have to do that? Again, Hitleresque. All that maneuvering of people, grouping them, deciding who goes where, even tattooed everyone. That’s Netanyahu. Wake up world.

Israel is already preparing for a bloodbath. Israelis claims the Palestinians are going to start a war, so you all know what Israel is going to do with that claim. They’ll stage a preemptive strike and call it the Palestinians fault. Get them before they get us. They’re laying the ground work for it.

Israel stated many preconditions for talks to occur. There will be no discussion on:

1–Israel must be a Jewish not an Israeli state.

2–Right of return expired after the original refugees died.

3–Never going back to pre 1967 borders, “that’s never going to happen”.

4–No sea access.

5–No military.

6–Israel controls all borders.

Prior to stating the list, he said emphatically that there would be no preconditions. Wake up world. It’s a charade. Hitler still lives through Netanyahu.

So go ahead Palestine. Precondition away. The USA is not the country you need to be deciding your fate. You decide your fate. Going to the USA for help is like going to Israel for help, making Israel your lawyer, your leader, the determiner of your existence. The USA will never give you a bunch of money to rebuild what the Jews destroyed. Does Israel?

Wake up Palestinians. Israel wants you perpetually weak. Stop asking Israel for your independence. They already told you what was non-negotiable. Everything. Netanyahu said on the Larry King Show that he was going to take care of you–as if he were the father taking care of his children. He’ll see that you get what you need. He’s not your father. No father would put his children in concentration camps.

Obama already said that he would block anyone in the world who criticized Israel. Do you really think he can help you?

Regarding the recent decision to surge settlements: ‘Oh, this won’t happen for a couple of years, due to multiple processes it goes through to get all the permits approved.’ That’s what they always say in order to ease your stress in the moment, so that you’ll forget about it. But it always gets done. That’s why they’re claiming now that too many people would have to be relocated, about a half million from the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Oh, so they can relocate the Palestinians, but not the Israelis. At each juncture of settlement building they said the same thing–they knew that someday these settlements would have to come down and they would be prepared to make the painful sacrifices/concessions.

Well, that time is here Israel and you keep expanding. Were you lying just to appease the world at the time? Looks like Israel is not a people of their word. Their word means nothing–just as the USA rebukes mean nothing. It’s all a charade to keep expanding.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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