Happy Independence Day!

It isn’t the Irish Americans asking the USA to commit holocausts around the globe in their name.

It isn’t the Polish or German Americans.

It isn’t the African-Americans or the Italian Americans.

It isn’t even the Native Americans stirring up trouble around the globe because we as Americans oppress them.


Go down or up the list.

It isn’t the Asian Americans wanting the USA to make war upon their home lands.

The Hispanic Americans aren’t asking the USA to slaughter other countries in the name of their heritage.

There is only one group in America who does that: Jewish Americans. And they don’t have to ask. They’ve positioned themselves in all facets of American life to carry out their own orders for disorder, while pledging allegiance to themselves.

They are the ones who want to own you and the world you hold dear, while trampling on your principles, as you sacrifice your life–in their wars.

They are the trouble makers who hide behind your names, your religions, pretending to have your beliefs of freedom for all, while making laws and policies that support their need for endless war.

The USA is their country now. Welcome to the United States of Israel.

Get ready my Beanie Babies. You’ve already had your hug. Next comes the awakening you’ve all been rocking for.

“I, WE, ALL”

I try not to compare myself to others–past, present or future. I compare myself to the principles I set for myself, that benefit me and all those around me. And when I fail, I seek to fix that flaw.

I find it futile to try to be like somebody else, since their flaws are at least as great as mine.

Happy Independence Day to all the universe’s inhabitants–in the spirit of soaring to greater heights, by becoming the greatest single power that you are engineered by your own God to be.

When all of us do that, we truly become a powerful “WE” force–for all.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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