Month: April 2012

George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman did not murder Trayvon Martin. I will tell you this with all certainty, although I don’t have a gun, if somebody was on top of me pounding my head into the ground, if I had a gun on me, and if I could reach it, I would shoot. Trayvon knew that nobody, white,…

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Biological Weapons

The point of a biological weapon is to destroy nervous systems, not to cure those nervous systems. Thus, there is no antidote. Scientists were not instructed to cure, only to destroy. Anybody who challenges their government puts themselves in the position of being attacked, individually, by those biological neurotoxins. Obama already said that he would…

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Trayvon doesn’t need a last name anymore. He went down fighting a forever war against ‘white’ people. Anybody not black is white, as even Roland Martin would think in his isolation. ‘White’ people are the forever enemy. Trayvon will Rise on Easter Sunday 8 April 2012. He will rise to make peace in his Mama’s…

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