It is well known that Jews respect those they fear.

Jews don’t respect Iranians, thus they don’t fear them.

Jews don’t respect Palestinians, thus they don’t fear them.

‘The sky is falling’ is not a fear-based strategy used by Israelis and Jews to get what they want. It has nothing to do with their fear. It’s a strategy that works. Fear is contagious. They’re the best actors in the world. They feign fear, then you fear. Then you act on your behalf that is really for their benefit, not your benefit.

‘We share the same values’ does not translate to beneficial for you, when that value is based on mutual destruction if they don’t get what they want. You’re convinced that you want what they want. That’s the con and the tell.

You’re both fearing, which means you must have a common enemy, which means you both must join forces to fight that common enemy, especially since you have a superior fighting machine and freely march your children into battle to fight everybody’s fears. Fear is contagious – feigned or not.

Jews don’t fear any peoples, any race, any country, which means they fear no one. So they faked that too.

There is one possible exception. 

add-on. For the loopholers: If you don’t fear someone, you don’t fear what they’ll do. You cannot separate the two.

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