If the USA goes into Syria with military air power, they’ll be committing the same slaughter they accuse the Syrian government of committing. They’ll be committing the same slaughter that the Syrian opposition is committing against their own government. In fact, the USA is committing that same slaughter all over the globe using bombs, troops, poisons and assassination drones.

In fact, the USA military and CIA are already war-gaming their response to an inevitable uprising in the USA by its own citizens, in the eventuality that they rise up against a government that invests their lives and future into ruling the world by military might at the cost of their economic and health care well-being. That’s the cost that all dictator governments lay on the heads of its citizens. The USA is a member of that club, that church.

What do you think the USA will do to their own citizens when they rise up with guns against the dictatorship in Washington, D.C. and the dictatorships in every city, county and state, as the USA slumps deeper and deeper into a depression created by the USA’s addiction to perpetual war?

Slaughter isn’t cheap or quick. It costs a lot and takes a very, very long time. Neither does slaughter create peace, it creates more slaughter.

It is not the job, nor the responsibility, nor the right of the USA military and CIA to choose who lives and dies in any other country’s civil wars.

The USA government and media cheered when a suicide bomber killed the Syrian Defense Minister and his deputy and wounded many others. What government will cheer when a USA bomber – suicidal or homicidal – kills the USA Defense secretary and his deputy and wounds many others? How will the USA respond to its own citizens who rise up against dictators and dictator policies that place them in below subsistence level conditions that oppress them?

It’s strange how the USA tells peoples of other countries to kill their leaders, then stifles peaceful protests in the USA against the same oppressive practices.

‘Change the world by peaceful protests’ is an instruction meant for the populace as well as the government institutions that rule them. When only one side implements the peaceful protest rule, the other side is the dictator. When neither side implements it, I see two dictator factions fighting for the same power to oppress. What the two factions don’t see is that war oppresses everyone.

The USA says it’s okay for Israelis to slaughter Palestinians. ‘It’s the Palestinians own fault’, the USA has intimated for decades. Just bend to the will of the Israelis, stop making them fear, and the slaughter will stop.

Now that the Syrian government is slaughtering the rebels of Syria, who are also protesting oppressive living conditions, the USA sings a different tune. Now it’s the fault of the Syrian government. ‘Let the Syrian people be free’ chants the Obama administration and his conservative counterparts in Congress.

All the world fears suicide bombers, they also fear bombs dropped from planes. The Palestinians stopped that method of fighting. The Israelis claim it’s because they erected a wall. The world knows otherwise. It also knows that Israel never gives credit where credit is due. Still…even the Israelis cheered when the suicide bomber murdered the Syrian Defense minister and his staff. [You can’t unring that bell. This morning it was a suicide bomber, this evening it was an individual who planted a bomb and died.]

The change in policy of the Obama administration and the Israeli administration regarding suicide bombers should shock the world. For whose benefit – when, where, how and why – are suicide bombers now acceptable? When an oppressed people try to free themselves, because the world looks on and nobody helps?

Why pull Iran into a war they don’t want? Didn’t the USA and Israel threaten to destroy them? Are you on the side of freedom for all or do you work to free the populace of governments you have an interest in neutralizing?

Benjamin Netanyahu, the enslaver and slaughterer of Palestinians, gets a thumbs up, a green light, accompanied by a statement of undying love and commitment from the USA to keep up the enslavement of Palestinians in concentration camps, and now the Africans who fled Sudan, only to find the holy land not so holy, while the USA turns its head toward Syrian interests.

Where do you stand Obama, on the enslavement of Africans in the Israeli desert? You stand with the enslaver. You keep rewarding Israel with more money and more weapons to fight the oppressed populace. Where you need to stand is with those enslaved. You haven’t done that yet, not with the Palestinians, not with the Africans, not with any enslaved group or individual. You keep telling the Iranians to rise up against their leaders, to free themselves. You don’t give the Palestinians that same instruction. You’re like Netanyahu – deciding who is worthy to be free under your thumb.

The Iraqis, the Syrians, the Afghans, the Egyptians, the Tunisians, the Libyans were all heavily armed people, irrespective of their governments desire to control them. Where’s the oppression there?

Nobody wants gun control in the USA. The reason stated is always the same. We need to protect our homes from intruders. But that’s not the real reason. We need arsenals of weapons to rise up against an oppressive regime, even when it’s our own.

The Palestinians and the Africans corralled in the Israeli desert don’t have that kind of fire power, so you think them weak. Yet, they’re still not free. You turn your head toward the powerful every time.

Obama, you broke every universal rule of fairness for all. You broke every one of your own rules. Where has that led the world? Deeper and deeper and wider and wider into an abyss of violence worldwide. Walk the talk that got you into the highest office in the USA, or step aside and let somebody else have a go at it. You got a free ride. Ninety percent of the world never get that. Create something you can call your own for a change, instead of taking credit for businesses you didn’t build. Frankly, it looks like you’re trying to squash generations of hard work by individuals who had no help from anyone, people who sacrificed while others were out having a good time, people who surmounted every obstacle put in their way. You should be made of the same stern stuff. I haven’t seen it yet.

Bragging about murdering people, threatening nuclear warfare against sovereign nations that have no interest in attacking you, threatening to kill USA citizens if they criticize Israel or on Israel’s behalf is the work of a dictator not a peace maker. Try peace on for size. If it fits wear it, if it doesn’t, then I don’t want you as my president.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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