Any person elected president in the USA becomes a killer overnight. Obama slipped into that role with ease. He even bragged about killing Osama bin Laden on national and international television. He kept wanting to get the credit for it.

I wonder if he thought about it in advance and how it might impact his life and how he thought of himself as a person before he ran for that office? Wonder if he ever killed anybody prior to taking that oath. I wonder if he was a conscientious objector in his mind. His philosophical slant on life always made me think so.

I wonder how Romney will feel about it if he should be elected. Overnight he becomes a murderer of men, women and children around the globe and even in America.

Any boy/man, girl/woman can be trained to kill in six weeks of basic training. Kids I grew up with who wouldn’t hurt a fly, six weeks later they’re killing machines. It’s disconcerting the ease with which it’s done.

This nation, America, was born out of killing. We’re a killing people and it hasn’t let up after all these decades of promising that it would. In fact it has escalated; we’re killing peoples all over the world and even killing each other and ourselves at home. We’re butchering animals at unprecedented levels. There are almost as many slaughter houses as there are malls. We stink from the blood of the slaughter of all life.

At some point we’re going to punch the wrong individual, group or nation and will get back what we dished out with such ease. Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of the Israelis is already issuing veiled threats to all the member nations who didn’t walk out on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran as he gave a speech before the General Assembly at the United Nations—in essence a declaration of war by Israel against all nations, except Canada and the USA who succumbed to Israeli paranoia and walked out as ordered. The Jerusalem Post reported that Netanyahu wrote in a letter to the Israeli public, “This is a bad day for those who chose to stay in the hall and listen to these words of slander,” Netanyahu said of Ahmadinejad’s speech to the UN Wednesday. Netanyahu is already setting the world up for another world war.

I wonder, Mitt Romney, what it will be like for you, becoming a killer overnight, having the blood of humans on your hands for the first time, the second after you take the oath of office. It’s a profound consideration that all candidates for president must confront. Everything about who you think you are as a person changes with the last word spoken.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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