Food Preference Testing

You’ve been psychologically programmed to think that foods containing animal products taste better than foods without animal products. The researchers will claim that they conduct blind taste testings proving it, which means that the subject participating in the experiment tastes the products without knowledge of what’s in them–no labels and no ingredient lists. So for…Read more »


A holocaust can be the sacrificing of one or a billion and one and more–with the feigned, always the feigned, purpose of making a better life for those not sacrificed. The letting of the blood of a lamb, the burning of a witch, burning humans corralled in locked barns in Africa, aerial bombing of Gaza…Read more »


 The problem with setting pre-conditions before engagement is that people simply don’t like being dictated to, especially world leaders, with big egos, and they all have them. As a consequence, they’ll dig their heels in, then the people setting the pre-conditions will impose sanctions, then the populace who   always suffer the most will be…Read more »


Sodium Pentathol isn’t a truth serum. Jack Daniels isn’t a truth serum. Marijuana isn’t a truth serum. LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) is not a truth serum. All these methods used by terrorist agencies to extract intel from people who don’t support their terror policies, presuppose that all the thoughts floating around in the mind/brain can…Read more »


A commercial for a multi-vegetable juice: ‘It’s not easy to get all the vegetables you need, when you don’t like the taste of them’. Score cards appear above the heads of a black man and a black woman sitting at a table. On each on their plates sits two whole, over-sized broiled chickens, surrounded by…Read more »


In the world today, everybody wants God to heal them and to stop the torture when it’s happening to them. Donna Brazile says, “Why God? Why God?” to the history of enslavement, yet she eats the results of PDETAS everyday. (Prejudice, Discrimination, Enslavement, Torture and Slaughter). Donna Brazile gives a post mortem eulogy for the…Read more »


The Republicans in Congress are accusing Democrats of socialism, in order to preserve their own fascism status. Fascism: ‘A system of government characterized by one party dictatorship, forcible suppression of opposition, private economic enterprise under centralized government control, belligerent nationalism, racism and militarism’–according to Webster. Yup, sounds like them.


LAWS ARE GOVERNMENT Conservative Republicans claim they want less government. Laws are the primary method used to govern peoples, nations. Conservatives claim that they want less government controlling their lives, their businesses, their future. Yet, all the laws created in the USA that allow banks, credit card companies, mortgage companies, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies to…Read more »


Britain’s Defense Secretary Philip Hammond pressures the world to “tighten the squeeze” against Iran, calling Iran’s nuclear program “mad”.  Iran claims it’s peaceful, he claims it isn’t. Looks like Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel is having his intended effect on Hammond. Guess we know who wears the Israeli pants in Great(?) Britain. As the…Read more »


GOD IS OPPRESSED? If you keep your God separate from you, then you oppress your God. If you keep your God higher or lower than you, then you oppress your God. If you walk with your God, then you oppress your God. Only when you recognize that you are your own God is your God…Read more »