Britain’s Defense Secretary Philip Hammond pressures the world to “tighten the squeeze” against Iran, calling Iran’s nuclear program “mad”.  Iran claims it’s peaceful, he claims it isn’t. Looks like Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel is having his intended effect on Hammond. Guess we know who wears the Israeli pants in Great(?) Britain.

As the Iranian economy falters, just as the rest of the world’s economies are faltering, including his, he’s giving credit to the economic sanctions imposed by the USA and contributing allies. It makes one wonder why the USA economy is in the dumps and most of Europe. Sounds like there are economic sanctions being imposed by and on countries around the globe. What’s happening here?

Hammond cites that there are signs that the regime is fracturing.  He’s assuming that individuals within Iran’s government are always in agreement with each other. Why would an otherwise intelligent person make that assumption about any government? Ever see the Knesset in Israel at work, or Parliament in Britain or Congress in the USA? Nobody agrees on anything.

But most alarming was Hammond’s talk about posing an “existential threat’, or the perception of an existential threat to Iran, the same talk that led Israel and the USA to pursue the economic sanctions and threats of a nuclear holocaust against Iran in the first place, based on the ‘perception’ that Iran posed an existential threat to Israel, thus by extention to all Jews worldwide. It seems that Hammond has fallen victim to the sky is falling, right on his head, and maybe he’s the one Netanyahu has chosen to ramp up the rhetoric that so often leads to catastrophic consequences, and maybe Hammond has no choice but to comply, for reasons he and Netanyahu only know—so far.

Destroying a country’s economy is an act of terrorism, an act of war.  Iran is a peaceful nation. Hammond appears to be enjoying the power that dictators enjoy as they watch their underlings squirm under their oppressive control: a nation falling from sanctions and terrorism imposed by other countries who want to control a sovereign nation, as the nation’s people scream in horror and fear, while he calming states: ‘you can end all this in an instant, if you just do what Israel wants you to do’ must be exhilarating to him. Torturers experience that same power high as they control their victims.

“There is further tightening we can do,” Hammond said. “We can definitely make the pain much greater. Nobody wants to make the Iranian people suffer unnecessarily but this mad scheme to build a bomb has to be brought to an end.” Spoken like a true torturer.

It’s strange how the so-called free world is always calling for other countries to become democratic and to have free elections, but then those same people demand that certain leaders of certain countries, whom they don’t like, to step down and for the citizens of those countries to rise up against their leaders and even kill them. These so-called free world countries always base it on human rights abuses in the countries they want to overthrow. Nobody overthrows China or countries in Africa or India and others, where human rights abuses abound. Who are you all trying to kid? Why not overthrow Israel for keeping Palestinians in concentration camps for over forty years? What, no human rights abuses there? Oh, they deserve it. You want the Palestinians too rise up against their internal leaders in those camps and then you’ll help them as long as they fly your way? England needs to recognize that they haven’t rid themselves of their colonizing tendencies. And Israel is just like you, still colonizing, only England’s colonizing has morphed into something as dangerous. They still want to control the world, not particularly own the land. Israel wants to control and own.

Hammond should thank his lucky stars that Iran really is a peaceful nation. Any other nation would have responded to an act of terrorism and war against their country in kind.

Back off. You’re terrorizing the entire world with a game that will only end deadly.

Iran has the right to nuclear powered energy plants. They also have the right to build a nuclear bomb. Israel started this arms race. The USA accelerated it with talks of bombing Iran.

The only rogue nuclear power in the world is Israel. Nobody inspects their sites. Nobody even knows if they’re up to international standards or not. My concern is there. The fact that nobody else’s is can mean only one of two things, either they don’t really have them or everybody who is somebody on the world political block fears for their careers and lives if they don’t fly Israel’s way.

I don’t support anybody having nuclear or biological weapons, but that’s not where the world is. One more nuke in the world isn’t going to make a grain of sand of a difference to anything. Israel’s only motive for working the entire world into a frenzy is that the Jews don’t want the Arabs, Persians or Muslims to have what they have. Not in their neighborhood. It’s as simple as that. They need to be King of the Middle East and their nuclear weapons give them that status. I think it’s time for Israel to fear somebody, instead of the world fearing Israel and what will happen to them if they don’t go along with their insane agendas to separate peoples, countries, families. For Israel the world is divided into two camps: those for and those against them. There’s no middle ground.

If Hammond had made an existential threat to Israel, then Israel would be talking loudly about bombing Britain, which makes me think Hammond isn’t a Brit at heart.

Who’s the terrorist nation again? The one saying they have nuclear weapons, but won’t declare their nuclear program and let in UN inspectors. Israel. The one who wants to bomb a peaceful nation who says they don’t have a nuclear weapon and have no desire for a nuclear weapon. Israel.

“There is further tightening we can do,” Hammond said. “We can definitely make the pain much greater. Nobody wants to cause the Iranian people to suffer unnecessarily but this mad scheme to build a bomb has to be brought to an end.” Chilling.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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