• The Gods of the rich people get bailouts paid by us, then those bad Gods raise all of our interest rates and fees, while changing at will the terms of the contract. The following is the Gods of the poor people giving you a bail out. There are more poor people than rich people, so the majority rules.
  • In the following law, all sentences/declarations shall stay connected for the purpose of eliminating the use of loopholes through making a sentence/declaration stand alone, which in effect will and/or could change its underlying meaning/intention.
  • A contract is not a contract when both sides don’t agree to the terms. A contract is null and void when one side changes the terms without agreement from the other side to change the terms. It’s not enough to say you’re changing the terms and take it or leave it. That puts one party in charge of the entire contract when the nature of a contract is to make an agreement, not a demand, between two equal parties. It is counter to a contractual agreement to insert into that agreement that one party has all the rights to alter that contract at will. By doing so, the party who has all the rights puts the second party under a condition of enslavement, thus extortion. In such instances, there is no contract to begin with, thus no responsibility to agree to any of the terms spelled out in that contract.
  • Free will to accept or reject changes to a contract already in place plays no role in a situation whereby there is no legally binding contract to begin with. In other words, if the contract spells out that one party can change the terms of the contract at will, that contract is hereby and forever null and void, including retroactively to the beginning of time.
  • Send that to your lenders.

Dated: 4:14 PM on 13 July 2009.

Signed: GOD

By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

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