Food Preference Testing

  • You’ve been psychologically programmed to think that foods containing animal products taste better than foods without animal products.
  • The researchers will claim that they conduct blind taste testings proving it, which means that the subject participating in the experiment tastes the products without knowledge of what’s in them–no labels and no ingredient lists. So for instance, if testing French fries, they’ll have two or three different fries and you pick the one you like. Basically, the majority wins, which drives the market for what all the rest of us will eat.
  • And even if the majority doesn’t pick the animal-laced product, if the slaughter industry gives the manufacturer a financial    incentive to include the animal in the product, then testing means nothing.
  • Oops. There seems to be a problem here. You’re already programmed to select the animal-laced product, since you’ve been eating animals since childhood, or in most cases since infancy in the form of pureed animals sold in baby food jars. Because your palate or more precisely your taste buds are accustomed to the animal taste, you’ll more often than not, select the animal-laced food instead of the animal-free food as your preference. What you’re not accustomed to tastes strange, which sends out an alert to your brain, which sets up a basis for the prejudice, which then becomes a psychological factor rather than a biological factor.
  • The reason that the slaughter industry promotes and  rewards manufacturers for putting animal products into foods that don’t need them, for instance, cow dust on your French fries; eggs and dairy in the cake, bread and cookies; lard in the baked beans; chicken broth in the soup; pork and beef flavor in the spaghetti sauce and on and on is so that you’ll never forget that flavor–so that you’ll always select the animal-based rather than the plant-based product.
  • They’re not confident enough that the actual animal you put on your plate that looks like an animal will keep you eating animals–so they want to lace everything you eat with some part of the animal in order to keep you addicted. It’s sort of like every now and then slipping a person who drinks a lot of beer, an alcohol-free beer. They know right away and will, even in a blind taste test, select the beer with the alcohol as their preference. Somebody who never drank beer, probably wouldn’t know the difference, or would select the alcohol-free beer, since the taste of alcohol is an acquired one–much like the taste of the animal.
  • So, along comes the manufacturers of animal-free products that mimic the taste and texture of animal-based products. These manufacturers see a need and want to fill that need in the marketplace. However, when people start preferring the veggie or soy product over the animal product, or when more and more people start switching sides, the slaughter industry gets nervous and works to put these people out of business, or at the minimum gives these manufacturers financial incentives to include some part of the animal in the veggie/soy product, even if it’s a vitamin.
  • They work diligently through the media: movies, T.V. sit-coms, news shows, talk shows, newspapers, books, you name it, they have their long tentacles into your brains, trying to keep you psychologically addicted to their product, by discouraging you from eating vegetables and encouraging you to eat animals. It’s all about money and their resistance to change–even when change means better health for you.  They’re not on your side or the side of the animals they slaughter in your name. They’re only on one side–their bottom line.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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