•  The problem with setting pre-conditions before engagement is that people simply don’t like being dictated to, especially world leaders, with big egos, and they all have them. As a consequence, they’ll dig their heels in, then the people setting the pre-conditions will impose sanctions, then the populace who   always suffer the most will be jailed for siding with those setting the pre-conditions–the enemy. When you impose sanctions on a country it is as much an act of war as dropping bombs, because the sanctions result in devastation of the populace. Decades of suffering ensue–on all sides, but especially against those targeted with sanctions, resulting in decades of progress not made, simply because the one dictating the rules couldn’t let go of their own paranoia created by unfounded fears, resulting in the emergence of the superiority factor, which infuriates on every level, those targeted.
  • Saying that nuclear weapons act as a deterrent to terrorism is like saying the death penalty acts as a deterrent to violent crime. The USA has the death penalty and the USA has one of the highest murder rates in the world. Yet, the USA is the only nation that has used a nuclear weapon–against Japan. Having a nuclear weapon did not deter Japan from attacking the USA. It sounds as if the fox is preaching in the hen house.
  • All the nuclear weapons in the world didn’t stop the attack against the USA on 9-11-2001.
  • The USA isn’t giving the countries of Africa ultimatums. Gross atrocities occur on that continent on a daily basis, yet the USA keeps their distance, respecting their violent cultures and tribal governments. The USA doesn’t impose sanctions on those nations for the purpose of setting the Africans free, yet they do it in the Middle East, even though everyone knows, that where there’s mass oppression, especially violent oppression as exists throughout Africa, terrorism festers. The possibility of terrorists being trained in Africa to commit murderous acts of aggression against the USA is far greater than terrorists coming from Iran to attack the USA.
  • The USA fears that if Iran gets a nuclear weapon, then Iran will wipe out the USA. Firstly, it would take more than one bomb to do that, and after the first bomb went off, we would annihilate them, and Europe would follow suit. It makes me wonder now, if the USA was nuked by Iran, would Israel nuke Iran on our behalf? Probably not.
  • The fear the Jews in Israel have of that happening, and as an extension the Jews in the USA, has nothing to do with rhetoric spewed toward Israel, or the rhetoric spewed toward Iran. The people of the world understand the back and forth, especially the people of the Middle East. So, then what’s the fear? It’s the mind-set of seemingly preferring death over life. They think that’s a crazy theology turned to ideology that they can’t wrap their brains around.
  • Although Iran will claim to be separate from other Muslims, in that they didn’t contribute to the atrocities of World War II, and they had no hand in 9-11, the Jews and the world see them the same, because the Iranians share the same  religion. Orthodox Jews fear orthodox Muslims, no matter in what country they reside. That the terrorists of al-Quaeda are predominantly Muslim, makes the world clump the Muslim countries together. Yet, there’s something flawed in this assessment. Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia are predominately Muslim, yet the Jews aren’t warring against them. Then why war against Iran? Because Iran backs Hamas  and Hezbollah in Palestine. So, we narrow the focus and return to Israel vs Palestine. Why not resolve the land dispute and see what happens? If the Muslims keep warring against the USA, then the worst that came from making peace between the Israelis and Palestinians is a positive, not a negative. Take the motive for terrorism away.
  • By saying, they’ll always hate us, no matter what we do, gives you an excuse to keep attacking based on a flighty, scatter-brained premise. If the world can’t get together and resolve that dispute in Palestine, then what makes the world think they can solve the greater issues of a global melt-down? And by meltdown I’m not talking global warming. Old methods aren’t working. Some think that all the USA has to do is get the rest of the world on their side, forcing Iran into submission, then hope for an overthrow of the government by the populace of Iran, while containing it and peace will ensue.
  • Containment can be likened to a boiling pot with a lid on it. Eventually it erupts. How it erupts and what the end result will be cannot be accurately predicted. This isn’t only happening in the Middle East. The Koreas serve as an example of this failed policy. You know, we tell those enslaved in concentration camps in Palestine that they don’t have a right to defend themselves against Jews in Israel and Jews brought in from other countries, who forcibly remove them from their homes, bulldozing the homes, then claiming the property as their own, because a bunch of Jews taking hallucinogenic drugs in the desert said that God came down from heaven and promised the people that this God called Israel,  some milk and honey–or a chicken in every pot. Then someone had the gall or desperation to write it down somewhere, while spreading the message from mouth to mouth, as if the message itself was their food.
  • God doesn’t come down from heaven. God was in the person seeing the hallucination. That’s what the warning about false Gods speaks to in the bible. God doesn’t tell people to force others from their home, round them up, then put them in concentration camps and hope they die–and if not, then kill them all. If the Jews believe that this is the right way, then they give justification for the holocaust committed against them.
  • Don’t talk about the smell of dead tears in Africa, when you can’t simultaneously see the tears in current, present day, yes now, concentration camps in Palestine created by your purported greatest ally. Who on God’s earth would want to be your ally, if that’s what your allies do, if that is what you stand for, the principle upon which you base your foundation and friendships? What civilized society would want to be your friend?
  • Where’s Russia on this? Most of the Jews pillaging Palestine came from Russia. You essentially remained silent, as this atrocity continued decade after decade. Well…Obama says they’re not all peace-loving people. Kill off Hamas and Hezbollah and peace will be achieved. No it won’t. When you take away the only rudimentary military the Palestinians have, a bloodbath will ensue against the Palestinians by Israelis. B. Netenyahu already said “a free Palestine absent a handful of powers”, which means all the life-and dignity-preserving, forward moving powers. Put them on reservations and hope they die, just like they did to the Native Americans. It was a failed policy. Why repeat it? Why let them repeat it–in your name, in the name of the USA.
  • Obama, you need to step aside, or engage by finding a way to change the mind-set. You know, a lot of people when they get an incurable disease or disorder, don’t want to hear ways of coping with it, ways of adjusting their life and goals to it. They just don’t want the affliction. Take it away. I don’t want it. Why did God give this to me?  What did I do to deserve this? They close their minds to solutions that don’t wipe the thing out–something they feel they didn’t cause. Keeping people in concentration camps is like having an incurable disease for those enslaved in them. Getting rid of their military arm isn’t going to solve the problem. Freeing the slaves will do that. The Israelis said to get rid of Arafat and peace will ensue. It didn’t. They said stop the suicide bombing; it stopped, yet still no peace by the Israelis, while the enslavement, torture and slaughter continued. It didn’t continue because of the violence against Israelis. It continued because Israelis want all of the prime real estate, much like the Americans wanted from the Indians. And because they have nuclear weapons, the world lets them do it. Are the nuclear weapons really the deterrent to the world freeing the Palestinians or is there something bigger and more pervasive operating here? Oh, so you think that by freeing the Palestinians, you’ll be pacifying Iran, and the Jews who control your every move won’t allow it. So, they and you are using the enslavement of the Palestinians as pawns, as political tools. Stop that right now.
  • Stop mourning over dead people. Stop pining for them. They’re no longer flesh and blood. Their tears didn’t matter. They still don’t matter, because you’d rather focus on dead tears that you can do nothing about, than live tears that you have the power to stop. Stop with all the same rhetoric that your predecessors used. It didn’t work. Why use the same words, the same strategies that failed? Do you think, that just because you use the same tired, stale words that everybody else used, that somehow, they’ll sound different coming from you?
  • Get out of this quagmire by being who you are–before they bury you with the demand that you be prejudiced like they are. They (meaning all sides) will suffocate you with their reasons for every bad thing they do in somebody’s else’s name and history and suffering and yes dead tears abound in all of the stories. Dry the live ones first, so we don’t feel compelled out of a feigned loyalty to carry the burden of the dead ones–to get some benefit for ourselves down the road.
  • Make a visit to the concentration camps. Meet with the leaders of Hamas and Hezbullah. Every soldier worldwide, every military officer worldwide can be called a terrorist, but when we or our ally’s are doing it, it’s always for a good cause. You were in the caves in Africa; go to the camps in Palestine–the really bad ones. Look the live people in the eye. Show some courage. Were the Jews in concentration camps for forty years in Europe? Let us all hope that when the Palestinians are freed, they won’t commit a holocaust against another group, down the road, who had nothing to do with their enslavement–as the Jews did.

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