• Sodium Pentathol isn’t a truth serum. Jack Daniels isn’t a truth serum. Marijuana isn’t a truth serum. LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) is not a truth serum. All these methods used by terrorist agencies to extract intel from people who don’t support their terror policies, presuppose that all the thoughts floating around in the mind/brain can be accessed as truth, if the ego is suppressed via these drugs.
  • Let’s straighten this out now, before even more methods of invasion are used to extract the supposed pure and/or truthful thoughts of humans.
  • Thoughts are created. They don’t float unconnected. In utero, while the brain is developing, thoughts are continuously being created.
  • Thoughts are created and stored, and often overridden and altered by new thoughts.
  • The brain is in a perpetual state of creating impressions, continuously making observations and forming conclusions regarding all the organism is exposed to: the inner body, everything outside the body, memories of past impressions, the universe, etc. using all of the body’s senses, some identified, and some not yet identified due to the inability to study what scientists don’t know how to control: unnamed modalities of discerning realities.
  • The truth doesn’t lie beneath the surface, lining up, just to be there, ready at any moment, in case the truth needs to be extracted by unscrupulous individuals or groups. If it did, then that would presuppose that the real, true thought processes of individuals are really there for the sole purpose of pleasing these unscrupulous individuals and groups, at the betrayal of the person who creates, generates, organizes and connects these thoughts. This presupposes ownership of these thoughts by these unscrupulous individuals, ready to pounce on them at a moment’s notice, and not ownership by the person who generates them.
  • This ideology/philosophy/voodoo science/theory/ premise is a dictatorial mindset of superiority, thus ownership, of one group of people over another, those in authority vs those not in authority.
  • Now, given all of this, if any one of you thinks that all of your thoughts are accurate or hold true to the ideology of the group you claim membership in, and that the raw material created by the total sum of all your impressions, past, present and future and beyond those junctures in every  direction, not yet named, based on all the prejudices which you and others hold, based on electrical connections via chemical excretions that don’t always follow the truthful path, but the path of least resistance, then I’m going to call you a danger to all that exists in this universe.
  • If you’re going to further presume that the God in everybody else is really on your side and not on the side of the person who is their own God, then your arrogance, again, makes you a danger to all that exists.
  • Sodium Pentathol, alcohol and marijuana all have side effects, namely and mainly, disorientation and poor judgement. The torturers inaccurately presume that by making you disoriented, you’ll exercise poor judgement by telling them the truth. Aside from that, these chemicals block electrical and chemical transmissions, which means they block thought processes, as well as accurate retrieval.
  • When someone is claimed to be brain dead, it presupposes that no chemical or electrical transmissions are occurring, which means a total block of any thought processes whatsoever. Decreasing the number of transmissions handicaps the brain; it doesn’t enhance it–like the researchers of torture methods claim.
  • The chemicals: SP,A,M, or ‘SPAM’ don’t differentiate between truthful thoughts vs non-truthful thoughts. No drug can do that. The reason why no drug can do that is because we need to know the truth in order to facilitate the thought that confirms it–much like the doctor who said I always retrieved the word I was looking for, when in fact I created a substitute word or phrase, because I couldn’t retrieve what I was looking for. Since he didn’t know the word, he couldn’t discern what the truth was and he certainly couldn’t validate it, yet he did–wrongly. I suspect now that he was one of those torture doctors. Then we would need to isolate that thought, and that’s impossible. It will always be impossible to own somebody else’s God.
  • RE: LSD, which produces hallucinations and delusions. What deluded individual mind would want to extract delusions from another individual and call those delusions actionable intelligence? I think you get the picture.
  • If we already know the truth, then we don’t need SPAM anyway. The people who insist on using these devices want their own prejudices confirmed via these extraction devices. Once again, if you start with a prejudice, a presupposition, you’ll get a prejudiced result–nothing actionable here.
  • Brainwashing eventually comes undone. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAha.
  • Excuse me for laughing.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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