• In the world today, everybody wants God to heal them and to stop the torture when it’s happening to them. Donna Brazile says, “Why God? Why God?” to the history of enslavement, yet she eats the results of PDETAS everyday. (Prejudice, Discrimination, Enslavement, Torture and Slaughter).
  • Donna Brazile gives a post mortem eulogy for the tears of the slaves looking at the ocean not knowing where they were going and she adds her tears to theirs. Yet she claims that eating fried chicken is human. In other words, enslavement, torture and slaughter is a human trait, a human endeavor to feel good about when it’s not your species or race being  enslaved, tortured and slaughtered.
  • She’ll claim we raise the chicken /cow/lamb/pig/fish for slaughter. Yes, and at some point, we raised children for enslavement. None of it is right.
  • It made her feel good that Michael Jackson was human–one of them–made human–by the eating of fried chicken, the eating of the blood. It gave her a warm feeling in her heart to know that he had the same human frailty of enslavement, torture and slaughter that all of them had.
  • Ever think to heal God? Ever think that maybe God needs healing like everything and everybody else? That you have such high expectations of God and none for yourself puts all the work of doing the right thing on the shoulders of a God separate from you, which shifts the responsibility for eliminating the Five Flaws of PDETAS from you to that God.
  • God falls from the weight of that burden, and becomes just like you. Feeling all warm in the heart now?
  • When somebody falls from grace, don’t feel good about it in order to justify your own failures; encourage them to get back on the right track and continue to be the good example that you need to eventually eliminate the Five Flaws in your own life.
  • Lift God by lifting yourself and the planet will heal quick as a grasshopper jumps from leaf to leaf.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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