• MY COUNTRY TIS A VEE. HOW DO I LOVE THEE? President Obama has no right to forgive the CIA or any other government agency, association, contractors, bureaus…for torturing people. Only the ones tortured can do that, and because institutions did it, they don’t have to forgive those institutions. Whether they forgive the individuals who designed, ordered or did it is wholly up to them. You, Mr. President, cannot absolve any one of their sins unless those sins were committed against you personally. To let torture slide can never be an option. To let torture slide because it’s inconvenient is condoning the torture. The torturer will torture again, because torturers are serial offenders by nature. To call rape: sexual humiliation, and not the torture that it is, proves that you’ve been brainwashed into thinking it’s all a game, nobody gets hurt, no lasting effects. You’ve been desensitized to horrific acts. You probably, mentally, put your own family in situations to motivate you to act like a Hawk, when dealing with outsiders–everybody does. For instance, what if a Muslim terrorist captured this or that one and did this or that to them? Well, yeah, that’s pretty scary to say the least. But you only do one half of the equation. What if your own country did this or that to this one or that one in your family? Would you be as motivated to prevent it, to stop it once in progress? If it were your own country doing it, would you feel the same hatred? Whoa. You’d better slow down.
  • Because it’s controlled it’s not torture? So, as long as it’s video taped while the rape is happening that makes it okay? Better back up. That’s what torture is: total control over another human being whereby you can do anything you want to do to that human with impunity. How many torturers are in jail, or even got brought up on charges of torture instead of something sanitized to make it look like a college fraternity party prank?
  • It’s strange how in interrogation the Feds will ask if you love your country. Define love first. Can you love a country? What in particular makes up a country? People, land, buildings? Do you love the people who live inside the borders delineated by wars, which contain buildings and parks and roads built by it’s inhabitants? Do you love all of the people no matter what age, socioeconomic status, gender, race,  religion or political affiliation? Do you love all of the land, all of the buildings, even the ugly, vacant ones? Do you love all the laws, political parties, religions, holidays, work? Do you love to work? Do you love all types of work? Do you love all the animals that make up your country and all the trees? Do you slaughter animals? Whoa. Do you love the slaughterhouses and the experimentation labs? Do you love the prisons, crime, judges, juries? Do you love the military and spy agencies? Do you love all the elected officials that form the foundation of your country? Do you love your neighbor?–all of them? Do you love it when your country invades another country unprovoked, slaughters the children like lambs then refuses to bury them, in order to make the adults submissive to their global financial plans? Do you love that too? Do you love gouging people’s eyes out, raping children, do you love forcing children to have sex with their fathers while you tape record it? Would you torture, rape and kill for this country you love, so that some other country doesn’t come in and steal it, like you stole it from the people indigenous to the land, because they didn’t have deeds and dividers and real estate laws like yours?
  • Do you love your country? I’ve never seen another country move, have you? You know, like one country moving into another? Can that geographically happen? Individuals decide to enter a country and take over the government, thus the populace, by military force or suicide bombers or by mass immigration. Do you love your country enough to burn someone alive who isn’t harming you? Do you enjoy dismembering people, children too, animals too? Do you enjoy the screams, the squirms, the look of horror on the faces of your victims? Do you get pleasure from hearing people beg, or from humiliating people in public or in private?
  • Do you love your country? Do you love a country that allows the intelligence agencies of other tenuous governments, terrorist nations, to disrupt individual’s lives to keep them silent and submissive to their terrorist whims? Do you love freedom? Do you love a free country? Define free. Free to control through subversive, tortuous, disruptive practices ‘all that breathes’ in support of the: “there will always be war” ideology? Do you love that freedom?
  • Do you love your country? Will you kill your neighbors, or your neighbor’s dogs if your country asks you to? Will you let us use your house to spy on your neighbor; can we use your garage? Which neighbor? You know, the really nice ones, the ones who go to your children’s birthday parties, hockey games, graduation, the ones you call on when you need help. Will you spy on them for your country you love? Will you rape your neighbor for your country? Do you love the flag? Do you pledge allegiance to your flag and country? Can you murder for this piece of fabric–and all it stands for?
  • Do you love your country? Will you open your tenant’s apartment for your country and let us install listening devices and cameras and will you let our actors into your building so we can defray costs by making movies and sit-coms about the ones we’re spying on? Do you love the terrorists or do you love your country? I said, DO YOU LOVE YOUR COUNTRY? Do you love it unconditionally no matter what? Do you love your family unconditionally, your neighbors, employees, strangers–all unconditionally?
  • Do you love the land, the buildings, the parks and roads–all unconditionally?
  • Do you love your country unconditionally–no matter what your country does, even if it tortures–you? Do you love your torturers too? You mean if together we defeat the other torturers and the families of the torturers and the families of them, and of them, and of them, until we reach every single individual life-form on the planet?
  • Can a country commit torture? Can a piece of land, a border, a building, a park, a road commit torture? Can a person commit torture? Is a person a country? Did I make you torture me because I didn’t agree with the aforementioned doctrine? Can you reform me? You know, to see it your way? To go back to the enemy torturers, who are my family, and torture them?
  • Do you love your country?
  • Yes sir. I’m a person, a country and I love to torture. And I’ll do it all unconditionally.
  • Sign ‘er up. You are now a bona fide Patriotic American.
  • MY COUNTRY TIS OF THEE. SWEET LAND OF LIBERTY. Sweet land of lib-er-ty…sweet land of lib-er-ty. I wonder what that means?
  • It means you’re a person, a country and you love to torture, which means you love your country. GOD BLESS  YOU AND MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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