For the President of the United States of America to purposefully neglect to call the slaughter of elementary school age children an act of terrorism tells you where he stands on terrorism. The Pentagon and the CIA keep telling America, that it is the single individual cell that will destroy us. Yet, when that repeatedly happens, they always call the person a deranged individual, rather than the terrorist he is, because he’s white.

Benjamin Netanyahu bombed several schools in Gaza; guess you weren’t paying attention. But he justified his act of terrorism by telling the USA that his people dropped leaflets to warn the children to leave the buildings, so he could bomb them. Yes, Obama, he dropped the leaflets. And yes, those who actually saw them ran to get their children out of those school buildings. Is not that terror President Obama? But Obama considers the Netanyahu acts of terrorism as justified acts of terrorism. “That’s war” the Pentagon says, “children get killed”.

This act of terrorism has the name of Benjamin Netanyahu all over it. Payback for Obama not succeeding in blocking the United Nation’s democratic vote to declare an oppressed people free – at least on paper – at least by consensus – at least by a democratic vote – in the defense of all oppressed people.

This man who went into this building killed his mother so she wouldn’t talk about his Israeli connections. The Pentagon will say in defense of Israelis that there was no connection. The CIA will say the same. But when you target a school in Gaza, well that’s all I have to know. The Israelis convinced Obama that the kids, the age 5-10 would grow up to be terrorists. Obama bought it, hook, line and sinker.

My own heart is so heavy. But not so heavy, that I will not stand up and speak the truth about the politics of killing children – a horrific act, a cowardice act, that my own country engages in every single day, with each bomb that they drop in foreign lands, all in the name of freedom.

If you feel defenseless, President Obama, against Netanyahu, who can activate an Israeli cell any where, any time, within the United States of America, then you are defenseless. If the USA thinks that Iran’s nuclear power aspiration, because their engineers know that the desert will be dried up and create a huge sink hole in the desert, translates to wiping Israel off the map of the world, then you’re misinformed by the scientists you rely on.

I say to every country on this planet, every state, recognized or not, every people: If Benjamin Netanyhu comes into your space, arrest him for crimes against elementary schools, for crimes against children, for acts of terrorism. Call it what it is. It is an act of terrorism.

I love the children. I have always loved the children and I always will. The Israelis struck a devastating blow to my heart today. Sneak attack. “Now you know how we feel” is what they’re gloating over tonight.

I do not recommend the killing of, even the worst of the worst. I recommend and urge a court to decide. And if found guilty, Netanyahu should be separated from society for killing children, and for instilling terror into every person, Obama, not just those who have human children, as you so conveniently stated, as if the rest of us didn’t feel the same compassion, terror, through empathy, that those who are now and will forever suffer.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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