Be Your Own Parent.

For those of you who will quit tobacco, alcohol, caffeine or other drugs, or certain foods, or quit over-eating, over-sexing, over-texting or over-spending as a New Year’s resolution, remember that your anger will surface as a result of the withdrawal, much like a child having a temper tantrum because they can’t get what they want, until the parent gives in and the anger magically disappears.

Resolving to remain calm will not work as an antidote. You have to fight the withdrawal with an equally strong force by replacing that which you resolve to quit with something equally rewarding, much like the parent who takes one harmful toy away from a child, while simultaneously showing them a new safe toy that is equally appealing.

The natural progression of age and transition to an adult is for the child to eventually take over the parenting of him or herself when it’s no longer the parents’ obligation.

What you decide that ‘new safe toy’ will be for you is up to you. Have fun window shopping through your mind of personal options. If nothing appeals to you, then let discipline be your irresistible force that meets your own immovable object.

Discipline is the most powerful force that the human animal has as a weapon. It’s more powerful than love, more powerful than hate. If nothing else, resolve to use that most powerful weapon of weapons more often in the year 2013.

Best wishes to you in all your worthy endeavors and have a very happy and disciplined New Year!

Have fun being your own parent.

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, chef, writer


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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