The reason why hunters hunt is to stop themselves from killing other humans, which is what they really want to do. Killing other animals is socially acceptable, which means they can get away with it. Killing other animals, that one day they’ll have their children pet in a zoo, and the next day, they’ll go out where nobody can see them to kill a cousin, aunt, grandfather, mother, son, sister of the same species, gives them enormous pleasure.

They belong to a private club of serial killers, a very big club, with members unconditionally accepting them as one of their own–a protector of the human race. Denial is always a component of the serial killer psyche; they’re always doing it for somebody else’s good.

The United States of America protects and supports this special class of serial killers, much like all cultures support male and female prostitution to keep the other members of society free from being raped. “If we didn’t have prostitutes, then more innocent people would be raped” has been the mantra of all cultures for centuries.

At some point we as a world community are going to have to deal with our own decisions to sacrifice the weak, so that the offenders don’t impose their wrath, their hatred, on the rest of us. Now is that time.

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