In America we live by the torturers’ rules. It’s their game.  They decide where, when, how, why and under what circumstance. There’s no democracy where torture reigns. “We the people” don’t decide. They ask our opinion, but our legislators always go the way of the torturers. The torturers are the ones with the money, thus the influence to corrupt those we elect to guide the democracy of “we the people by the people”.

It doesn’t matter who “we the people” elect, the politicians all fall into step with the money machines that really get them elected, through massive expensive campaigns to sway you toward one candidate or the other. Even then, it doesn’t matter, because these massive money machines donate to both parties, so that no matter who loses, the torturers always win their agenda to continue the torture, with the legislators they put into office now owing them. The expressed threat is always the same, you can defy us, but there will be consequences. Everybody knows what the consequences are, they’ll ruin your career and the lives of your family. Even law enforcement can’t step in, because they live under the same rules of the torturers. Who are you going to call? The torturers. Good luck with that one.

If guns were free, the NRA wouldn’t exist.

We live in a violence-oriented society. Our movies, games, language are all based on violence. Kill the bill. Crush the regime. Hate whom we tell you to hate, so that we can annihilate them. Enslave, torture and slaughter all that moves whom we can control, just because we can. Kill the goat, pig, lamb, deer, cow, bird, fish…because they’re the enemy. Skin them alive so we can enjoy the softness of their hair against our own skin, rip their organs from their bodies to make us live longer, eat their brains to make us smarter, then mount their head on our wall, as a reminder of who the enemy really is so we can keep killing.

Bomb the enemy, then bomb their children, otherwise they’ll grow up with a memory of what we did to their parents, and get us back. Why wouldn’t they? We administer the death penalty as punishment for someone who kills someone not on society’s kill list.

When, where, how is it all going to end? There is no end game. There is no plan. Nobody wants a plan.

Torturers will always thirst for the blood; it’s in their DNA. Money keeps the torturers in business. Big money. “We the people” have no power in this democracy with torturers leading the way. One hundred percent of “we the people” could vote to ban all so-called assault weapons as the NRA is now calling them, and congress still won’t do it. Why? Because the NRA donates to their political campaigns.

One hundred percent of “we the people” could vote to shut down the houses of slaughter, deciding to eat plant-based foods instead, and still congress wouldn’t do it. Why? Because the slaughter industries donate to their campaigns.

“We the people” can do nothing, because most of the people in congress are hunters, or own guns themselves. Hunters are heralded as responsible gun owners. They only kill those who can’t fight back. They are the torturers. Yet they all want guns so that they can fight back against the defenseless. Where’s the sanity there?

How did Gabby Gifford’s gun help her when she got shot?

One hundred thousand plus guns sold just since the Newtown Massacre. Now the NRA wants to arm the teachers. We might as well train police officers to take the teachers place, teaching the children math and science, while protecting them. Is he/she going to have an assault weapon hanging from his/her shoulder? A pistol won’t help. Where’s the sanity there?

Israel bombs the school when there’s a terrorist inside, because Israel doesn’t want to lose a soldier in the fight. Is that where we’re headed? At least Obama didn’t give that order. Our police ran in at risk to themselves.

Everything is about what’s legal. Is there an age limit on buying a gun or using a parent’s gun? Children shouldn’t be brought up in an evil tradition of killing defenseless animals as a rite of passage. Where’s the sanity there? Where’s the responsibility?

Teenagers have to get a driver’s permit to drive a car with an adult present. Then they have to pass a test to get their license. Yet no such requirements exist for owning and operating a gun. Where’s the sanity there? Just buy it and shoot it. Remember now, never point the gun at anyone, whether it’s loaded or not. But hey, what say we go into the woods today and get us some real meat? What kind of contradiction is that? Meat is murder, whether congress or the president or anyone else tells us otherwise.

Congress won’t guide us in the only right direction, so we have to guide ourselves. They’re in it for the torture. You don’t have to be. So far, there’s no law stating that you have to own a gun, or shoot a human or other animal. Not yet. After all, the non-slaughterers of the world, the anti-war people of the world are called terrorists by their respective governments. Maybe we’ve all got a target on our heads, chests and back. Where’s the sanity there?

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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