Piers Morgan of the Piers Morgan Show says ‘the George Zimmerman case’ comes down to George Zimmerman shooting an unarmed teenager, Trayvon Martin.

Trayvon Martin was indeed armed–with his fists, his knees, his speed, his youth, his rage, in fact his entire being.

Had George Zimmerman not had a gun, Trayvon Martin would be on trial for murder.

A witness hollered for him to stop. He didn’t. He couldn’t. He was in a rage.

George Zimmerman screamed for help, but nobody would help him.

Obama gave a green light to the black community to rise up with racism charges, anit-white chants and demonstrations, when Obama told the world, ‘if he had a son he would look like Trayvon’. ‘This hits too close to home’, he lamented.

Those comments by Obama were prejudicial against white people–that’s who Obama thought George Zimmerman was–white. He had a knee jerk reaction without all the facts. Zimmerman is Spanish, black and white.

When is the black community and individuals within the black community going to take responsibility for their own rage, and stop blaming all white people for all that goes wrong in their lives?

How about white rage– for being blamed for black slavery that white people of today had nothing to do with?

Obama, the CIA and the black community are confident that no matter what the verdict against George Zimmerman, whites won’t burn cities. They’re confident that white people won’t put the country in a national security threat situation. Whites are basically perceived as weak.

That could change in a moment.

Obama showed glaring prejudice against white people absent the facts; that’s how prejudice usually works. He should have stayed out of a local police matter, which demonstrates he doesn’t respect boundaries. He doesn’t respect boundaries in America, he doesn’t respect the boundaries of foreign countries.

What constitutes self-defense these days? Looks like you have to be half dead before you react and by that time it’s too late.

Why didn’t Trayvon Martin call 9-11 if he was being beaten up? He had a cell phone. Why didn’t he run to his father’s fiance’s house?

What happens if a woman is raped? If she has a gun on her person can she shoot the man raping her? Looks like that’s a no. She’s not bleeding profusely enough, she doesn’t have any gashes/lacerations huge enough to warrant it. A man, probably Obama, would say she needn’t have feared for her life. Are you kidding me?

If somebody is kidnapped at what point, if they have a gun, can they shoot the person kidnapping them? Looks like there is no point.

Trayvon Martin was expelled from school. He wanted to buy a gun. Maybe he was planning a school shooting. Looks like we’ll never know, because Trayvon Martin is dead and George Zimmerman is on trial for defending himself against a deadly weapon–Trayvon Martin’s fists, his knees, his speed, his youth, his rage, in fact his entire being.

I don’t trust a dictator who incites violence in his own country, among his own people. A prejudicial leader is not what this country needs to move forward, to move beyond racial hatred. Hanging Zimmerman will only satisfy the black community for a short while. They’ll want to revisit that power feeling. Who will Obama and the United States government offer up next–to keep their cities from burning?

George Zimmerman whether convicted or not will spend the rest of his life fearing for his life and the lives of his family. Obama, bending to the prejudicial will of the black community enslaved George Zimmerman whether in prison or in hiding from the black folk who will seek to get blood vengeance, because Obama gave them that green light. This is what happens with knee jerk reactions; this is what happens when you falsely accuse someone to gain political capital, this is what happens when a handful of people can tell the President of the United States what to do, and absent all the facts he does it.

Obama did this for black people, not for white people, Hispanics, Asians, Indians, only for the blacks. Guess he figured he owed them a sacrificial lamb. Nobody’s vote, not the vote of any group is worth the sacrifice of one person, or should ever be justified.

Obama’s half white. George Zimmerman looks like Obama’s son too. Obama doesn’t see it that way. I see the resemblance. Obama can’t get past the color. He needs to do that. Trayvon Martin also looks like Obama’s son. Of course the entire world already knows that. He told them.

White rage manifests itself in fear. Black rage manifests itself in aggression.

The tables could turn quickly.

Obama needs to take responsibility for the precarious situation he put this country in, by pitting one group against another, just to score political points with the black community. Obama needs to take responsibility for destroying the lives of George Zimmerman and his family–convicted or not, this gentle man will for the rest of his life be hiding from the assassins that come from the group Obama pandered to.

The black community needs to accept responsibility for forcing the leader of the free world to act on their behalf out of vengeance not based on facts.

The USA government, the black community and the cable news shows put on the case against George Zimmerman. It was disturbing and frightening to watch how the government falsifies and distorts facts to get what they want, and then when the court recessed to watch how the media outlets carried on in their absence.

Shouldn’t the government be held to a higher standard? Shouldn’t media outlets be held to a higher standard? Shouldn’t they be truth tellers? If the government is going to engage in smoke and mirrors, outright lies and magic tricks to get you or anyone else to do what they want, how then can they expect anything more from its citizens?

The USA government, that supports preemptive strikes anywhere in the world, arguing against self defense for American citizens should be an affront to all who viewed the court proceedings in the George Zimmerman trial.


According to protestors, the white man on the bottom with a gun should be found guilty for shooting the black man on top with no gun. He wasn’t. Riots resulted.

If given all the same facts of the case, except the man on the bottom is a black man with a gun and shoots a white man on top with no gun, would the black community, and everyone else jumping on the bandwagon, still want a guilty verdict for the black man on the bottom with a gun? Or, would they want a self-defense verdict?

And if the black man on the bottom was found guilty, given all the facts were the same except skin color, would riots result?

It is my opinion that the verdict wanted by the black community would always favor the black man as long as there was a white man involved. That’s racism.

Justice? Why aren’t black leaders telling black members to stop death threats against the family of George Zimmerman? They weren’t there, they had nothing to do with it. That’s justice? To kill Zimmerman’s family? It’s taking the law into your own hands, the same thing you accuse Zimmerman of doing. What crime do you think the parents committed or the brother of George Zimmerman, that you feel justified in killing them? That’s murder. That’s cold-blooded premeditated murder. A threat to commit murder is intent to commit murder.

Justice? Why aren’t black leaders telling black members to stop beating white people up on the street, smashing windows, looting stores, terrorizing communities? Nobody had to racially profile the people who are committing those crimes in Los Angeles. They’re doing it in full view of the cameras. Even members of the media were attacked. Maybe those on the sidewalk attacked by members of the mob shouldn’t have gotten out of their cars and walked on the sidewalk. Maybe they should have stayed home. Guess it was their own fault.

When blacks attack whites on the sidewalk it’s justified. If whites had attacked blacks on that same sidewalk it’s racism.

If the black man on the bottom with a gun had been found guilty, riots would have resulted.

Either man, black or white on the bottom with a gun, given that all the other facts of the case remain the same, should be found not guilty.

The black community doesn’t see it that way. If the man on the bottom with a gun is white, he’s guilty. If the man on the bottom with a gun is black he’s not guilty by reason of self-defense. That’s called racism when you don’t treat people in like situations equally and you base it solely on the color of someone’s skin.

Shame on Al Sharpton. Shame on Jesse Jackson. Shame on President Obama and Eric Holder. These four men (the Racist 4) committed a collective act of racism turned terrorism against George Zimmerman, his family and every white person in America.

I’ve already felt the threat gestures walking out of my apartment building, which I have every right to do, to go to the store, which I have every right to do, being stared down by a black man as he passed. Right at eye level they zoom into the eyes of their prey with their war face on, never blinking, never wavering, their bodies tense, ready to fight. The purpose is to instill fear. A Black man doing this to a sixty-four year old handicapped white woman who fights prejudice on every level?

Word got out in Cleveland that I wasn’t taking their side on this one–not this time, not with this case.

Steve just left for the grocery store, has a mile and half to walk each way. We need food, are we to stay home? Will he be accused of using bad judgment in going out given the tense environment in Cleveland if something bad happens? The Racist 4 will say he should have stayed home, yet on the news in Cleveland they report that everything is peaceful.

I’m on high alert in my own apartment in the middle of the day.

The Racist 4 are directly responsible for inciting riots and striking terror into the hearts of law-abiding citizens all over the United States of America. None of them are doing anything to protect white people who should also have civil rights in America but don’t. They’re going to ride this tsunami till the blacks get it out of their systems, no matter how many peaceful citizens have to get injured, killed or terrorized during the process of the letting of the blood to cure their displaced rage. That’s not only racist it’s barbaric.



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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