OBAMA STAYS TRUE TO HIS RACE as a divider not a uniter


from a daily briefing to the press.

Strange how when preaching to white people in the USA about putting the high crime rates of black men against whites (men and women), and black on black crime, in an historical context of slavery (I’m assuming he meant slavery, though he didn’t mention the word), he didn’t mention that he doesn’t share those same feelings toward the Palestinians–the most enslaved people on the planet. He always takes the Israeli side, the white man’s side. He turned a blind eye to a massacre committed by Israelis in Gaza, 1,400 people slaughtered, because “they (meaning the Palestinians) said a lot of bad things about me”. When asked about Israeli war tanks killing Palestinian teenagers throwing rocks his reply was, “you know rocks can hurt”. When the Palestinians rise up against Israel, it’s never justified and Obama gives the green light for Israel to bomb them into submission.

His entire presentation on this current speech had as its foundation pity, sympathy for the entire black race that he wants white people to collectively feel, so that when a crime is committed against them, they’ll be more understanding and let them beat them up? Let them shoot them? Let them rape them? Let them steal your car and break into your home, because they don’t have a car, and need your television set and computer? Feel their pain throughout their entire history in the USA– hundreds of years. All those long dead, pity them too? Feel their pain too?

What is it about black people that they want everybody to feel their pain, they want people to feel sorry for them? All people–all individuals within all races and all socio-economic groups have enough pain in their own private lives–they don’t need any more pain piled on them than they already have. All week I’ve been listening to black talking heads on T.V. and the white talking heads who are afraid of what the blacks might do to them, who just keep saying that the jury panel should have had compassion for Trayvon Martin. What? Juror number B37 didn’t cry enough? No, no, they didn’t want her to cry, that’s not enough, they wanted her to vote guilty for George Zimmerman based on compassion for Trayvon Martin, his family and the entire black community–not on the law and the jury instructions. That’s how the black community translates compassion. Even Obama spoke on it–the lack of compassion that resulted in a not-guilty verdict for George Zimmerman, it hurt him.

To divide the nation further he spoke to the racism that would rear its head if the man on the bottom with a gun were black and the man on the top had no gun–the black man would get a guilty verdict. He missed the point. If the man on the bottom with the gun were black, the black community would want a not guilty verdict, based simply on race.  Whoa, I didn’t think he’d prove my point, but he did.

So, Obama was hurt because a white woman in the elevator clutched her purse tighter when he got on the elevator, and when he crossed the street he heard locks on a car door go down, and the only reason he called Trayvon Martin his son was because, “that could have been me” when he was Trayvon’s age. Really, you wanted the jury to come back with a guilty verdict for George Zimmerman because your feelings got hurt? Where does the law come in? Guess we know how blacks determine a case–they don’t look at the evidence, they vote on the one they feel sorry for.

Barack Obama is a lawyer, he’s also the President of the United States. He knows the law. He’s always preaching it to other countries, that we’ve either bombed into accepting our way of democracy, or uses his CIA to incite peoples of other nations to rise up against their dictatorial leaders, to accept the rule of law.

Obama never mentioned anything about self-defense, only that this case didn’t put on ‘a stand your ground’ defense. Juan Williams from Fox said all George Zimmerman had to do was draw his gun and Martin would have run away. Obviously Zimmerman was not a gun toting vigilante white supremacist, that the Justice Department, Obama and the black community are trying to prove he is, otherwise he would have drawn his gun when he got out of the car. Obama never mentioned anything about being punched in the nose and the ground and pound with head bashing against concrete. Never mentioned that it happened so fast that Zimmerman couldn’t run. Guess that’s a black thing too. Rachel Somebody on the Piers Morgan Show dismissed it as nothing, happens all the time where she lives.

It’s looking like Obama was just such a fighter when he was a teenager, by his explanation of why he said Martin looked like his son. If that’s true then Obama got lucky. This time Martin punched the wrong person.

Feeling sorry for someone because of their skin color is prejudice. Do black people feel sorry for all the white victims they committed crimes against?

Pity does not show respect, nor does it make the person pitied feel good about themselves. Any white person who feels sorry for a black person because they’re black feels that they’re superior to blacks. Handicapped people don’t like to be pitied either. Old people don’t like to be pitied because they’re old. They’re never taken seriously as a result of the pity. Just because I don’t have any legs doesn’t mean I don’t have a brain. Just because my hair is white doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m talking about. Women get the pity treatment a lot from men of all races. That’s their prejudice. Most men don’t like strong women. She’s too opinionated, thinks she knows it all. All she needs is a good lay, that’ll shut her up.

Why don’t you try instilling discipline into your children instead of excusing aggressive, violent behavior toward anyone for a perceived slight? Tell your children that violence is not an option, then live what you preach. Violence in the home is rampant in the black community. Stop solving problems with fists. All those ‘discussions’ parents are now having with their black kids center around the white man being evil. That’s how kids learn prejudice and hatred.

My father got pulled over and ticketed for going five miles under the speed limit. The cop was white. Any cop who ever stopped me was white, not black. I suppose that if I had been black I could easily blame the color of my skin.

Stop trying to make people feel sorry for you because of the color of your skin. It’s pathetic. Stop justifying the crimes you commit using your skin color as the scapegoat.

Take into consideration what Obama said about Trayvon Martin standing his ground if Zimmerman punched him and then he shot Zimmerman. He implied that Martin, the shooter, the man on the bottom would have been found guilty. I keep thinking that every black person in America, including Obama, thinks that Zimmerman got out of the car and just shot Martin, while standing there. The forensics and eye witness accounts don’t support that speculation.

If that speculation doesn’t work, then the blacks say that it was the one who started the fight. I don’t know any more what blacks constitute as the point at which a fight is started. To me, it’s who throws the first punch. There were no injuries to Martin except the scraped knuckles and gun shot wound. Now they say no, it’s the ‘following’ that started it, which in their minds, including Obama’s, justifiably provoked Martin to beat up Zimmerman. If Obama, the President of the United States and the one who started all of this cannot look at the facts objectively, and he’s a lawyer, what else does he apply his fuzzy logic to on a daily basis, executing his duties as president?

The black community would have wanted Trayvon to be innocent, whether he started it or not, whether he had a gun or not–as long as there was a ‘white man’ involved. You can’t have it both ways Obama.

If there are no stand your ground laws in the USA, and the blacks nationwide are working to have them repealed, then that means that no black man nor black woman can stand their ground either. The law is for everyone, not just white people.

I found it odd that in Obama’s speech he didn’t address the Zimmerman family and what they’re going through, because he  jumped the gun and made a rush to a prejudicial judgment on this incident. Where was your compassion for them? They didn’t deserve it, because he perceived them as white.

If Obama still doesn’t understand the rule of law, then maybe he shouldn’t be the President of the greatest nation on earth.

No, I don’t feel sorry for you Barak Obama. I am disappointed that you didn’t treat all races equally and that you weren’t able to put aside your own prejudices, while you expected all white people to put aside theirs under the assumption that all whites harbor prejudices against blacks, further dividing this great nation. It was time for a great president. You weren’t it. Next time you look into the mirror, see another color. You can do it, I know you can.

It’s strange isn’t it, that President Obama, the first black president, will go down in USA history as the most racist.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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