Month: December 2013


Every USA person in the House of Representatives, every person in the Senate, every President, not exempting the current President of the USA, whom all claim to be against slavery, support the enslavement of Palestinians by Jews. I don’t care anymore about a greater cause, that has yet to be defined, that will get you…


The Daughter Also Rises

Why do we call the sun, that which heats the earth, the sun? Why do we assign any word to mean anything, something? Sun sounds like son. Say it in your mind; they both sound the same. “The Sun (Son) Also Rises”, as in Ernest Hemingway. You can be sure of one thing, “the sun…

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Is Normal Good?

All races within the human race enslave, torture and slaughter. They enslave, torture and slaughter their own, those in other human races and those in all other species. Statistically, that makes it normal. Normal thus makes it acceptable. Normal isn’t always good. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

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I’m Dead

I’m dead. I’ve been dead for a very long time. No amount of life can infuse itself into my heart, soul or brain to change the death of me. Still…I walk, I talk, work, write, love. How can that be – a dead person still standing tall?

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