Since 8 March 2014, when passengers and crew aboard Malaysian fight MH370 disappeared while in flight to Beijing I’ve been waiting for Barack Obama to say something publicly about the disappearance of a Boeing 777 jet and all aboard. Nothing.

I stayed glued to the television set, day after day after day. Nothing from Obama. No concern, no words of comfort to the sometimes screaming families begging for answers, tormented by the bizarre and sudden disappearance of an entire plane and everybody on it. The majority of the passengers on that flight were Chinese. There were no offers of help from the USA, no infamous drones sent to search the ocean surface. Nothing. Only when there was no longer any hope for survivors did the USA send what amounts to a remote controlled flashlight to supposedly map the ocean floor, but only because that part of the Indian Ocean had never been mapped.

Then on 3 May 2014 it happened, he finally broke his silence on the night of the White House Correspondence Dinner making jokes about CNN’s expansive coverage of the missing plane and all on board. He made jokes about having to go to Malaysia, jokes about CNN ‘searching’ for their seats.

How unbefitting of a president claiming to rule the world (we’re the most powerful nation on earth is the forever refrain); how unbefitting of a human being (president or not). Some thought it was because there were only three Americans on board that flight, most of them Chinese, and Obama didn’t want to cut the Chinese any slack, since they’d been having disputes with Japan over the Senkaku Islands and disputes with the Phillipines and Vietnam over islands in the South China Sea. There are always strings attached to any help the USA gives any country. That’s why the USA makes the demand that the country needing the assistance ask for it.

Once asked, the USA makes further demands of that country, usually in the form of concessions to one of their enemies in a dispute. Most people call it extortion. And since the USA is the most powerful nation on earth, technologically speaking, they’re the ones always holding the gun (or in many cases the bomb) to another country’s head.

Now, flash forward to 200+ girls abducted In Nigeria. Obama’s all over it. Yet, none of those abducted are Americans. A spokesperson for the State Department, in the beginning, as a response to why the USA wasn’t doing anything to help (after all, Obama claims on a regular basis to be Black) said, “unfortunately they didn’t ask”. It didn’t take long though before news outlets reported drones being sent to Nigeria to find those girls.

Obama didn’t waste any time either in stating publicly on television his reason for helping to locate these abducted girls – because he has two daughters, that’s why. He could relate to the daughter thing. It also helped that the abducted girls were Black. But he couldn’t relate to the Chinese thing, because he evidently doesn’t have any Chinese children. Even his wife, Michelle Obama, is all over it campaigning for the release of 200+ girls. Where was she when that plane disappeared? What side of the fence was she on? Obviously not the side of the passengers on that jet. She laughed all night at her husbands despicable, insensitive and racially charged jokes about that missing plane from Malaysia and all on board and CNN’s coverage of it.

Donald Sterling lost a ball team because he didn’t want to rent to Blacks (that’s the real reason). Obama cheered. That ship sails both ways. Maybe this country and all its inhabitants should be taken away from Barack Obama and his wife Michelle. Their joint racism is glaringly obvious, but because he’s the president with a gun to every citizen’s head, who would dare say it?

When it’s a Black kid, they’re on board. When it’s a Chinese kid, they joke about the tragedy. The President of the United States cannot insert levity into the disappearance of a plane and all those on Malaysian flight MH370, when they’ve yet to be found.

Aside: When reporting on CIA prisons referred to as CIA ‘black sites’ in other countries (no, Obama did not close all CIA prisons), while simultaneously reporting on a person making the claim that he was taken to one of the ‘black sites’ by airplane, yet when flight records were checked by ‘authorities’ a flight did not match up to the person’s claim of date and approximate time, John Sifton made this observation:

“John Sifton, the Asia advocacy director at Human Rights Watch, who has spent more than a decade investigating the CIA’s rendition, detention and interrogation program testified before the commission last year and said “the fact that the flight records of CIA aircraft that are public do not include a flight that matches Mr. al-Asad’s trajectory is not indicative of anything in and of itself.””

Sifton said the CIA could “easily circumvent data collection” and “aircraft used by the CIA could easily be rendered untraceable while flying in and around Djibouti.”

Link to article here >

[After all, the secret CIA prisons wouldn’t remain secret if there were records of rendition flights and if those flights could be seen on radar or via satellite. The USA is the most technologically advanced country in the world.

What country commandeered flight MH370 that night? The USA can disrupt Iran’s nuclear computers from the USA. What other country has the technological might and the will to do it – commandeer a plane? Israel? According to President Bush, the Palestinians attacked America on 9-11 because they laughed about it (well, they were treated as if they attacked America). See where that laughing at other people’s tragedies and misery gets you? 

Barack Obama owes an apology to the families of all those on Malaysian flight MH370. And then he needs to step down. He can’t Benghazi this one away.]

Funny isn’t it, how no satellite images existed for the plane that disappeared – hazy at best – as CIA controlled news agencies kept laughing at China finding a ‘ping’ sound in the ocean. But when 200+ Black girls are abducted, crisp, high resolution pictures via USA satellites popped up all over the internet.

No, it isn’t funny, it’s tragic that the USA would pick and choose whose lives are relevant, whose lives matter and whose don’t. That’s called racism.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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