Did any USA Congressperson, any president of any country, ever visit one of Israel’s reported nuclear bomb facilities, when taken on one of those infamous tours of Israel?

Who and when are my questions? President Carter said he knew Israel had them. Did he see actually see them, in person? Did international scientists and inspectors tour the facilities? It seems that Israel, of all people, would take great pride in showing off their weapons of mass destruction to the world. They like to show boat; it’s in their DNA.

Is the USA selling to Israel weapons grade, enriched, uranium? Did the USA sell weapons grade uranium to the rogue, terrorist state of Israel, knowing that they assassinate high-ranking people all over the world who don’t support Israel, knowing that they commit massacres against entire groups of people, when taunted or when they don’t support Israel as a Jewish State, or when two political factions of Palestine form a unity government?

How many missiles and silos do they have? What’s the range? Can one reach the USA?

When a country bombs its neighbor’s only power plant on international T.V., leaving hospitals with no electricity with which to operate on the people Israel is blowing up; when a country then bombs a hospital; when a country targets police stations, bombing computers and police officers, leaving a country defenseless to protect its own citizens; when a country bombs a school, because they see someone shooting a gun from one of the windows, is that not a rogue, out of control nation?

The USA administration and all members of Congress in their collective support of Israel’s terrorist actions is supporting, thus promoting, terrorism. When the USA gives comfort to Israel, a rogue, terrorist nation, they lose their credibility to fight terrorism anywhere in the world.

Secretary of State, John Kerry, after viewing the daily massacres of civilians in Palestine, reiterated his undying support for and loyalty to the one committing the massacres – Israel. The phrase disproportionate response, most often used to describe Israel’s response to grievances, over the decades, has lost all meaning.

One might as well say that 9-11 was a disproportionate response by Muslims with grievances.

It looks from my view that Israel is doing to Palestine what the USA did to Iraq in response to 9-11, only there was no 9-11 in Israel.

The USA and all members of Congress have lost their moral compass on the war against terrorism. Remember that the majority is not always right.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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