“Whenever you’re in trouble stand by me…”

Who sang that song – who wrote that song?

I’m hearing that song tonight – on the radio – but also I’m thinking metaphorically.

Fear can either discipline people or make people pop.

Historically, the CIA has not judged the discipline nor the pop factor accurately.

Those already disciplined could pop, or those not disciplined could become disciplined.

Or vice versa, or anywhere in between – along the continuum of fear – and those ascertaining how people under pressure will react – have no alternative, but to consider their own predictions as being nothing more than a crap shoot – at any given juncture.

If I had written that song, I would have sung, ‘whenever you’re in trouble, stand by yourself. Stand proud if you’re right – stand down if you’re wrong’. If your right means slaughter for slaughter, then you know you will always be wrong.


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