Every few years Israel floats a plan to displace the Palestinians to a new location. Years ago, they had this elaborate plan to move them all to Siberia. Most recently they floated a plan to move them all to the Sinai Peninsula, which only proves that Israel wants the entire region called Palestine as their homeland. But everybody knows that the Sinai Peninsula would become the new Gaza, and before long the Israelis would want all of that too. Clever long-term expansion goals – make the Palestinians move every twenty years or so, after they bomb the people and the land, making way for new Jewish settlements, eventually swallowing up the entire Middle East – draping it in the Israeli flag.

That wouldn’t be hard to do considering the instability in the region. Find a weakness and exploit it is their thinking. But how do we get the Palestinians to move absent killing all of them? Make them want to move – make conditions so horrible that nobody would want to stay. That plan is already in motion.

I have a better idea. Since Palestinians far out-number Jews in the region, moving would be easier for the Jews, just because there are fewer of them. Tell the Israelis to pack their bags – they’re moving to Mexico. That would get them out of a place they don’t want to be anyway, while simultaneously fixing their border expansion proclivities. They’ll be neighbors to their forever friend – the USA – and reinvent Mexico.

It’s Tortilla Time! Unleavened bread made kosher. Perfect fit!

Meet Me In Tortillaville!!

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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