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Ms. Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, thank you for contacting us regarding our V8 Vegetable Juice.

Unfortunately, we are not able to supply you with a definitive list of products that are Vegan at this time.

Product recipes change frequently and ingredients are periodically added and replaced. This makes it difficult to maintain an updated list of products that either contain or lack a particular ingredient. If you have questions about a specific product, please refer to the ingredient statement on the package for the most current information.

The term “flavoring” refers to the oils or extracts that are obtained from spices and herbs. Natural flavoring may also include onion or garlic derivatives, as well as flavor derived from fruits, vegetables and their juices, or edible parts of plants. Other sources may include meat, seafood, poultry or dairy products, whose significant function in the food is flavoring rather than nutrition.

Thank you for visiting the Campbell Soup Company website.

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Hong Kong



I can’t believe this. They don’t even know if their Original V-8 juice has animal products in it? How about their tomato soup? Can’t tell me that either?  They know.

Do you know how many recipes I’ve used their tomato soup in? Their tomato juice and V-8? Now I have to assume that if the ingredient label says natural flavoring, then it contains animal products? What good is it reading the label if the ingredients I’m interested in are hidden under the ‘natural flavoring’ label?

Where’s the First Lady, Michelle Obama, on this? She’s in charge of changing the labels on food. We have a right to know what we’re eating. I’ll bet the Observant Jews will be ticked off to know that in their tomato soup hiding under the ‘natural flavoring’ label may be dairy and meat – a no-no combination for them.

Just tell us what’s in it, Contains Animal Products or Contains NO Animal Products.

What’s the matter with these companies? What are they so afraid of? Losing my business if I know what’s in the product? They just lost my business and my recommendation of their products on my animal-free pantry site by not telling me.

And, I didn’t ask for a list of vegan products. I asked about only one – V8.  It says 100% juice on the label. Now they’re saying it may contain animal products. That’s false advertising.

Now I’ve got to go through all of my recipes to find where I’ve used their products – over 500 recipes plus all the ones not posted yet.

Morning Star Farms does the same thing. Every time they change the formula/recipe of one of their products to now include animals, or when they discontinue an animal-free product, I have to delete recipes I engineered using them.

I can tell you one thing, using animals as a ‘natural flavoring’ is not a “significant flavor function”.

It’s a racket is what it is. Everybody greasing everybody else’s palms. ‘ Just put a teeny bit of animal flavoring in your product and we’ll open some doors for you. That’s all you have to do.’

Well this door is closed to animal products in my food – and it always will be closed.



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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