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Wash your vegetables well before consuming them.

Didn’t everybody already do that?

Next, even if you do wash the veggies and fruit,  the pesticide levels are highest on the peels/skins of some of the most common vegetables/fruits, and now even leak into them, which means eating no peels/skins or even that which is beneath the peels/skin.


Yet, I haven’t heard any talk about washing the meat before you eat it.

Animals are force-fed the worst of the worst vegetables and/or fruits and the worst of the worst diseased animal parts from other animals–in other words, it’s all rotten. Pesticides fed to animals? Who cares, when the food is laden with mold toxins?

Nobody refrigerates the food fed to animals going to slaughter, because it doesn’t matter that they have a long life; they’re slaughtered within 2-3 years of birth.

Too many antibiotics, too many fattening enzymes, who cares? All we’re going to do is eat the ammonia laced glob of toxin ridden blood and flesh and call it yummy.

Can you wash away the toxins in hamburg, sausage, hot dogs, steak (prime, mind you), chicken, pig, lamb?  Fish? Birds?

Do the meat handlers wash the meat before and after they cut it? It’s been on the floor, in dirty bins and dirty trucks.

So what’s all the fuss about washing your veggies?

It’s about a war the slaughter industry is waging against the veggie farmers and, yes, the vegetables. They want the farmers to grow veggies for the animals going to slaughter, not for you.

Sounds more and more like the slaughter industry is land lord of the veggie farmers.

So, peel the vegetable and/or fruit. Wash it too.

You can’t peel the animal who was fed toxins and through whose veins run those toxins, can you?

The meat industry will claim that people cook the meat before eating it, so that kills whatever is on or in it. It may kill some of the bacteria, but it won’t kill the toxins or the pesticides the animal was fed.

I guess that means that if I make applesauce, which is cooked, I don’t have to wash the apples before cooking them, or the celery that I use in my stuffing, or the collard greens I cook for my side dish.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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