Saint Francis – Patron Saint Of The Animals

“Did Pope Francis really say all animals go to Heaven?”

It really doesn’t matter who says it – either with supposed authority or not. How would any animal (including the human animal) know anyway, unless they’ve already been there (to heaven) and they could call back to the rest of us – hey we made it to paradise.

This is an animal rights issue (which also means a human rights issue, since humans are animals).

It’s a matter of how we treat all beings. The fact that so many people and groups are in essence denying other creatures (in their minds and in their theology and ideology) from entering heaven upon their demise, tells you a lot about how these creatures are regarded and treated by humans on earth. All species are treated by the human species as inferior to them (humans), thus worthy of only serving them – via using them for food, clothing, entertainment, cosmetics, medical experiments, military bomb training – where that animal always dies – and on and on.

Pope Francis, regardless of what any pope said before him, is stating the truth of his spirit, the truth of his mind. It didn’t matter that it was a young boy he responded to regarding his dog, because the Catholic church, the Jews, the Muslims, the Indians, the Asians, the protestants, the atheists are all ‘male most important’ oriented.

No matter what group on this earth, the males are considered high and the females are low. So why not a girl, or man, or woman –  talking about his/her dog (why not a cat or pig or cow or goat)?  Because I just told you why. Because the world will be more apt to accept this pope’s words, if spoken in context of a boy and his dog (probably even a male dog).

In most faiths, humans either go to hell or go to heaven – a few go to limbo, somewhere in between. From dust we begin, to dust we return. And in molecules of dust, the spirit remains – whether we be the human animal or any other type of animal, whether God’s creation be a plant or a rock or a rainbow.

Pope Francis (the patron saint of all animals) rocked the world – the other popes did not. It took him way too long to do that by my assessment. But I do understand that he had to garner the trust of humans before he went viral with the other part of what animal means.

I did and continue to do the same thing in all of my writings –  in all that I do. Talk to the human first, before I inject the other animals into my dialogue with my God for the world to hear, to see. The human animal is just so superior in their own minds (something that governments and religions taught us to be), just so selfish, just so destructive to other species. It wasn’t easy, but I did it. The pope is doing that now. Though he has a huge support system, I have none, it’s only me – one individual.

For so long the world reported Pope Francis to be the patron saint of the poor. No, no I said, he’s not that, he’s the patron saint of the animals. I know Saint Francis of Assisi. I know Saint Francis better than any theologian knows him – better than the pope knows him. The pope hijacked his name. How could he do that, I asked in my mind and spirit, over and over again?

THEY, THE OTHER ANIMALS, are the poorest of the poor. They are the enslaved, tortured and slaughtered. How can he let this go? How can he call himself after Saint Francis of Assisi and not give the other creatures a nod? I don’t have to know every detail of Francis of Assisi’s life. I know his spirit – like I know my Grandma’s spirit. I know that he knew the right way, the correct way, the moral way. Even if he didn’t live it, he spoke it, so loudly that I, Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, in my minds ear heard it.

I’ve been waiting for this moment since Jorge Mario Bergoglio became pope – knowing and understanding the struggles he had with human acceptance of anything on this earth being equal in their God’s eyes – to the human being. Jorge Mario Bergoglio did not take seriously Francis of Assisi – a name he gave himself. Only recently on the nightly news did Brian Williams call him the patron saint of animals.

So, you recognized globally, speaking to the world, that all of God’s creatures, are worthy enough to be accepted into your God’s heaven upon their demise. Applause, applause. You didn’t steer away from scripture.

The people who say that you didn’t really ‘say’ what you said; the people who say that you didn’t really mean what you said; the people who cite what other popes said; the people who want you to recant what you said (and many do)…are people who fear that their own power over all that moves on this planet, all those they deem inferior, will be taken from them. They also don’t want that guilt on them.

If you don’t make yourself clear, more clear, where time really is of essence, and I want you to live a very long time, to complete your mission, but realizing that others may not want that, and knowing that God can only work through all its creations, not independently of all its creations (including me, including you), I suggest that you prove your words, your mind, your spirit, by whatever name you chose to be your legacy – now.

Can you, as God’s partner, condemn the enslavement, torture and slaughter of God’s creatures? Why accept enslavement, torture and slaughter of God’s creatures, just so they can go to heaven afterwards? Is that why all of us, including the human animal, were put on this earth – to be enslaved, tortured and slaughtered? Can you refuse to participate, in that which you can control as a human?

Can you prove by your actions now, what you really said, what you really meant, regardless of what popes or anybody else said before you? Can you prove to those who are saying, now in nuanced words, to cease and desist, that you really believe what you said?

Can you prove who you are in spirit, thoughts and words? Words at this point would be pointless. The more you say in defense of what you said, will only bring on more confusion by those trying to negate your words.

There is something you can do.

Can you stop eating the sacrifice?

When Jesus said, let this bread be the body and this wine be the blood, from this day forward at the last supper was he not speaking to you – and to all humans – about animal sacrifice (including the human animal) at the altar?

If you think so highly of Jesus, then you must think that he had the power of thought that went beyond his day. Can you refuse the gifts of torture and slaughter on your plate? If you can at least try, visit Your chefs will delight in what my God, yes my God via Francis of Assisi, patron saint of the animals has created in the name you took as your own.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, the animal-free chef

P.S. This essay was sent via email to Pope Francis. Thank you to Arthur Poletti for providing the Pope’s email address:,


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