Ten out of fifteen members of the United Nations Security Council voted on the Palestinian resolution for statehood on 30 December 2014. Eight nations voted in favor (China, France, Russia, Argentina, Chad, Chile, Jordan, Luxembourg) and two nations voted against the resolution (the USA and Australia). Five chose not to vote (Great Britain, Lithuania, Nigeria, Korea and Rwanda).

Nine votes were needed to pass the resolution.

Member states of the Arab League, and member countries of the European Union all worked on versions of a resolution. All the USA did was work behind the scenes to block it – threatening their allies and foes with repercussions if they dared to support, via an international vote, anything that is contrary to what the USA and Israel want: Total domination of the Middle East on their terms.

Politicians within the USA, fearful of losing an election, any election, by losing the Jewish vote, have bent to the will of the Israelis for far too long. Every single president and administration in recent history, no matter what the political party, has had no success in advancing peace and eliminating oppression of the Palestinians by the Israelis, because they fear for their own political survival.

The five states that voted to abstain from the vote are cowards. They didn’t think that Palestine deserved an up or down vote.

Every lame excuse, every lame reason was and will continue to be given on why Palestine must bend to the will of the Israelis. This has gone on for decades with no end in sight, while Israel continues to illegally seize Palestinian properties and commit holocaust after holocaust against the Palestinian people. For decades Israel, the USA and the rest of the world have played their circular game, while allowing Israel to commit war crimes again and again.

That chain of oppression must be broken. It must be broken now. There is no more time needed. Everybody had their time – too much time – forever stalling – hoping the Palestinian slaves would simple give up and not fight the enslavement, torture and slaughter of its people by their oppressors: the Israelis.

Waiting till Benjamin Netanyahu is out of the picture will not make one bit of difference. Even if the USA could fix an election, which they’ve done successfully in other countries – always to the peril of the people – it would not make one bit of difference.

The USA and the rest of the world have tunnel vision and are wearing blinders. They somehow keep believing the lies of Israel to the point where it has become pathological. The Palestinians somehow keep believing that the USA and the rest of the world are going to do the right thing and support their bid for freedom. They haven’t done it yet, which means they won’t do it. It’s been too long.

In fact, the punishment meted out by turning not one but two blind prejudicial eyes to their suffering, by the very countries that supposedly support freedom, the countries that want the Palestinians to negotiate with their oppressors, which in essence means to give Israel all the land they want, is evil.

Israel is a terrorist regime with terrorist leaders. How, if the USA won’t negotiate with terrorists, can the USA tell the Palestinians to do it and expect a good outcome? It hasn’t happened over several decades and it won’t happen. Israel won’t allow it to happen.

Israel is not a member of the Security Council, but they might as well be, since the USA represented only Israel’s interests by using their ‘might’ via blackmail and extortion to sway the vote away from Palestinian freedom on Israel’s behalf. This action will not energize nor motivate Israel to negotiate in good faith. Dictators who commit holocausts against their own people don’t do that.

Yes, Jews claim the land of Palestine to be theirs. They were born there. I don’t know why it historically has been called Palestine if it was really Israel, but that’s one of those smoke and mirror lies that Jews love to tell. Palestinians call themselves by the name of the land that they’ve always inhabited. Either way, if people are called by the name of the land they’ve always inhabited, then Israelis are Palestinians according to their own paradigm – so yes, they commit holocausts and the most brutal, sick, torturous crimes against their own people.

This horrendous vote against freedom for those enslaved and humiliated can have only one outcome. More oppression, more crimes against humanity.

President Mahmoud Abbas: Now is the time to proceed with the necessary political and legal decisions. There is no other way. The Palestinians have compromised and compromised, till nearly all of their land, their dignity, their hope, their power is gone, and what’s left even now is so corrupted that the bits and pieces the Palestinians will end up with will not be a two state solution. It will look more like a tiny piece of moldy Swiss cheese – full of holes – something the Israelis wouldn’t want anyway. The scraps are what they’ll get, which means the Palestinians will still be enslaved.

If you back down on your promise now, the Palestinians will be seen as Israel’s doormat forever – something they wipe their shoes on.

It’s strange how the USA keeps telling the world that only Palestine and Israel can decide the outcome, yet the USA keeps micromanaging the process for Israel.

The United Nations serves many purposes. One of those purposes is to assist in resolving international conflicts between nations. The USA and Israel obviously don’t respect that body, otherwise they wouldn’t work so fervently and vehemently against it.

Delay, delay, deny, deny, hope you die is their mantra. They act like an insurance company not wanting to pay out on a claim.

The USA and Israel work against peace, not for peace. Both are militaristic countries with militaristic societies. They don’t know how to make peace. How many Israeli leaders have said, ‘if Israelis weren’t warring against their neighbors they’d be warring against themselves?’ For the USA, war makes a lot of money for a lot of American companies. It provides jobs. Peace doesn’t bring in the same amount of dollars as quickly.

My father once told me, “listen to what everybody has to say, then do whatever the hell you want to do”.

In other words, do what’s right for the Palestinian people, not what’s right for the USA or Israel or for the ones who voted to refuse to vote, or anybody else. Do what’s in Palestine’s best interest. The USA and Israel, in fact all other nations, do what’s in their own best interest; they would never even consider doing anything but that.

Neither let any individual nor any country tell you what’s in your best interests. If and when they do, then you know where their real interests lie – with their own.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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