UN chief says Palestine will join int’l court on April 1

WORD WARRIOR Notes: Each country, each group of countries designing their own plan of what they think will work for the Palestinians all reject each others plan, at the expense of the Palestine Palestinians, which can only mean that each one is fervently working against the other, so that they may get the big prize, the forever credit of bringing the Palestine – Israel forever war to a close, which at this late day may or may not bring peace to the greater Middle East region.

There is only one sticking point – Israel. Working against Palestine, while appeasing Israel ( because Israel has far-reaching tentacles worldwide that could bring any government including the USA to its knees) is an endeavor that can’t bear any fruit, beyond what has already been picked.

You metaphorically slay the dragon, to bring the dragon down. You don’t knock the dragon down by slaying the slave under it’s foot.

WW Notes: If the USA truly believed in freedom for all, if it denounces and renounces genocide in all forms no matter who the genocide is committed against, and regardless of who is committing the holocausts, and further, does not support holocausts of the past nor in the present or future; if it does not and will not give comfort to those committing such genocidal holocausts, then the USA should join the International Criminal Court (ICC), a court instituted to bring to justice those who commit horrific crimes against humanity.

Israel doesn’t belong to the ICC, because it does not support freedom for all and it commits holocausts and crimes against humanity with impunity. The USA does the same.

So it is the offenders who don’t want those they offend to bring them to the justice they deserve.

It is the offenders (the two most powerful entities in the world – the USA with their military might and intelligence capabilities, and Israel with ‘their people’ strategically placed in high and low positions in all relevant countries around the world) who are fighting the hardest against Palestinian Independence – by threatening leaders of other countries with economic sanctions and/or threatening to withdraw promises of USA military support if those countries are invaded by other countries. The USA has become the Mafia Don of the planet. Israel is the USA’s Hit Man/Woman.

It goes like this, we’ll help you if you demilitarize. We’ll be your military. The ‘peace’ keeper of the planet. What they don’t say, but imply, is if you step out of our line – on anything that at the moment is in our best interest, we’ll not only stop protecting you with our military might, but we’ll subversively initiate attacks against you, and cripple your economy till you beg for our help again, but next time around you’ll have to give us a lot more – the tax will be much higher. Sounds like Mafia talk to me.

President Obama supports the Black American slogan: NO JUSTICE NO PEACE. Tell the Blacks in America and Occupy Wall Street to stand down. Occupy Wall Street joined forces with Blacks in America – they said they’d be back, using their computer might/skills to bring down businesses from behind the scenes, but saw another opportunity to do both – computer warfare and war on the American Street.

Tell them that they will get their freedom from prosecution for crimes they commit when they demonstrate that they can be peaceful and work within the system, surrender their weapons and renounce terrorism, instead of burning businesses, cars, people, killing law enforcement, hacking into computers, and otherwise terrorizing law abiding citizens to get what they want.

To them, law enforcement extends/generalizes to all those who work in a law enforcement capacity – FBI is on their list, senators, members of congress, governors, mayors, city council members, lawyers…anyone who doesn’t support their cause gets a KKK label pinned to their name.

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Freedom from prosecution for crimes they commit? That freedom extends to forcing a court verdict that they want (only when one of their own is part of the process), regardless of the evidence. What they’re saying is, do what we want, when and how we want it done, or we will make war against American citizens and businesses and against those who make and enforce the laws.

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? That’s the state of affairs in America and in Israel. They’re both showing the rest of the world how to get away with crimes against humanity with impunity by refusing to join the ICC, and politicking behind the scenes via very real threats of repercussions if anybody else joins the International Criminal Court whom they have committed crimes against.

Palestine made the only correct and just move forward by joining the International Criminal Court.

For those who say they didn’t, then we might as well do away with the court systems in every region of the world, and let anarchy reign.

Appeasing Israel hasn’t worked for decades. The only results of Israeli appeasement were greater oppression imposed on the Palestinians, more Palestinian land swallowed up by Israel and increased unrest in the Middle East.

It’s time to rein in Israel.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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