No one is more expert at exacting revenge, inciting violence and killing through words than a satirist.

Words kill. Remember that the next time you humiliate somebody in public. When a cartoonist has to have ‘protection’ so that he can kill with the pencil, instead of the sword, something has gone awry with what our freedom to speak really means.

Don’t call for help, and make somebody else put their life on the line for you (possibly to get killed so that you can live), when you knowing and willingly put yourself in harms way to make a point that satisfies only your ego and selling a lot of newspapers/magazines, or gets you a lot of views/hits/likes/shares on websites or social media.

When you use your pen, pencil, paint brush or typewriter as a weapon for the purpose of killing, and you call it your right to free speech, then you might as well have a gun and pull the trigger, because the result is the same.

Whatever happened to the caricature – a long-lost more subtle approach to satirizing world leaders and events? When did cartoons become actual weapons of international warfare? Free speech? No, that’s not free speech, that’s free to kill, incite, and exact revenge with impunity, under the cloak of freedom rights, which has broad implications, whereby limiting one segment of free speech, could adversely affect all of what’s protected under the statute.

There’s such a thing as personal censorship. When you need to kill or destroy somebody in your thoughts, that’s not the time you should be writing or otherwise expressing your art. Take a time out and think about the innocent people who will suffer because of your need to do harm to whomever you think is the bad guy in the world.

Don’t blame the people who react, when that reaction is what you seek.

By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer, chef

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