To President Vladimir Putin,

“Lithuania: Stay calm in case of foreign invasion”

That’s the name of the article. Right after the Olympics, the USA was screaming about Lithuania as if the USA knew what you were going to do when they were shocked that their plan failed.

I understand fully the rhetoric. However, just in case there are seeds of truth in the rhetoric, and frankly I don’t believe any of it, hands off Lithuania. You know more than anyone on this side of the war game that’s being played out in public, created by USA and NATO interests, that Lithuania wants to be free, after too many countries over too many years controlled them.

 It doesn’t matter who owns Lithuania now – that they can’t see – what matters is that they, and they alone make their choices.

Just like the people in Crimea made their choice to be with Russia, the Lithuanians chose  to be free of oppression. Had the Soviet Union been different at the time they were a part of that union, things might be different now. But they weren’t and they’re not buying into that program again – no matter how hard you might try to persuade them that there is a new Russia, or no matter how hard other forces might try to fear-monger them into supporting their own national interest causes.

I recall a little too clearly, when Lithuania came to the USA to ask for support in their efforts to gain independence and they were turned down. Who do you think came to their rescue?

Do you really think that the USA, the European Union and NATO are going to bail out Ukraine from all their financial woes? No.

They want Crimea; they don’t want Ukraine. They want Russia to bail out Ukraine, while Crimea stays under Ukranian control. The only way the USA can gain control of Crimea is to gain control of Ukraine, which has had and continues to have weak leadership. The USA exploited that weak leadership for their own national interests in the region.

Now, they’re doing the same with Lithuania. Lithuania is also weak. Those who promised them the sun and the stars never delivered. Now the USA comes in to be their protector.

Let it go.

Lithuania: Stay calm in case of foreign invasion

Associated Press

VILNIUS, Lithuania (AP) — Lithuania’s defense ministry is advising its citizens how to react in case of war, reflecting jitters over neighboring Russia’s intervention in Ukraine and a recent increase of reported airspace violations in the Baltic region.

The 98-page booklet, entitled “How to act in extreme situations or instances of war,” is to be distributed next week in Lithuania, a NATO member that was under Moscow’s rule from 1940 until 1991…

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Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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