You: Do you think I’m stupid because I’m black? Me: Do YOU think you’re stupid because you’re black? You: No. Me: Good. Then we’re on the same page. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight It’s strange how when you call yourself stupid, people believe you. Call yourself smart and they’ll become indignant and immediately try to prove…Read more »


All starts are rocky. I never had a start that went smoothly. Never had a start that wasn’t rocky. So, it must be the nature of the ‘start’. The inexperience and uncertainty of something new, even if it’s something sure, creates rocky. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


I’ll share a secret with you about myself, that I’ve never communicated to anyone. Years ago while still very young I read somewhere, either in a newspaper or magazine or book, that if somebody could actually write the way their mind actually thinks they’d make a million dollars. I’ve been trying to make that million…Read more »

JEW AND BLACK ARE NOT THE ONLY 2 PREJUDICES IN THE WORLD – as both would have you believe

The American Jews need to stop acting oppressed when they’re not. The American Africans need to stop calling themselves slaves when they’re not. Both groups dim the cries of other oppressed groups, and enslave a nation and a world by screaming about their own past that is over. Neither the NAACP nor the Anti-Defamation League…Read more »