There is no life WITH Jihad. Only death.

You don’t want to live in a world where the purpose is to live to thrive, so you fabricate a reason to live to die and make others die with you, so you can quickly go to a heaven you know nothing about. “Let’s just skip all this living part and get to the end”.

What’s the rush?

You do know that you’re going to die, don’t you? That’s the purpose. The choking on your own blood part that satisfies your leader’s sadistic blood fetish. That’s why he video-tapes his victims, and you, the one who executes the crimes, and yes, he’s in the movie too, as narcissistic as he is, wanting to experience what all the players feel, while lording over the mouse he is about to devour, trapped in a cage already knowing it’s fate.

HE LEFT SOMETHING OUT, THOUGH. The mouse. He doesn’t really know how or what the mouse is feeling. He only experiences that vicariously, while not getting hurt.

Experiencing the thrill of somebody else’s fear, when you’re the one controlling it makes you feel like the most powerful person in the world. You lose all empathetic and compassionate faculties. You don’t care that they’re suffering in front of you. You have the power to stop it, and you don’t. You’ve become the devil, that which you call everybody else.

Cut off the head of the snake! He doesn’t know that he’s the snake. He became the snake. He transformed himself. Nobody did it for him. You can’t talk somebody into doing what he does to another creature. You can’t lure somebody into doing what he does in his movies, videos, audios.

In another life, you would call this man a serial killer, the worst of the worst. He would be the snake, and everybody else in the world his victims, even his soldiers are victims, all part of his play, his movie, his video. You’re never mentioned though – the soldier. You follow orders while he gets all the glory.

You think you’re not going to die. Most soldiers don’t. But they do, don’t they? They die horrible deaths – long, suffering deaths.

With you it’s different. You’ve made the whole world your enemy. Even enemies come together to fight you. You won’t survive. That’s been predetermined.

You’ve done what nobody else could do. You’ve united the planet in a common cause – the elimination of you and everybody like you. It’s called the death of the devil campaign.

The death of the devil is their common goal. When they come for you, they won’t be knocking on your door, they won’t care that you lie wounded on the floor choking on your blood. They bombed you. They cut off the head of the snake. They killed the devil. Now they’re going after every single snake on the planet who has a sadistic blood fetish, trying to get to heaven early. Everybody knows there are lots of snakes. And NOBODY wants to be the mouse in this play.

But in your gut, you know you’re the mouse. You want to escape, but you can’t. He has you penned in, and he has to finish the movie.

A pervert is someone who commits unnatural acts. That you seek that label for yourself, makes people, lots of people, want to eliminate you.

If you want me to love you, I already do. But I’m not at all happy with you trying to replicate the devil so you can feel powerful. You feel power inside yourself when you take away somebody else’s power to be free. Until you can control yourself, you shouldn’t try to control anybody else.

Real personal power comes from discipline – self-discipline. Killing someone isn’t discipline. What did you do, brush your teeth before you did it, and think you were disciplined? Killing someone means you’re OUT of control. Not IN control. It doesn’t matter how methodical you are or how slowly you execute the crime. It’s still not discipline.

The struggle, the resistance, happens on earth.

Your religious duty is NOT to die and make others die for a cause you can’t define.

Your religious duty is to struggle for peace by resisting death – death of you and death of others.

Humans are not built to seek an after-life till they’ve lived this life – on earth.

You have become incapable of using the brain, mind and soul God gave you for the sole purpose of leading yourself.

You follow mindless words of destruction, instead of following your true north, your true self.

There is no honor in becoming a martyr. Nobody cares about martyrs. Martyrs are perverts who live to die instead of living to thrive. They’re You. You make the news on one day, and a whole bunch of others you recruited steal your thunder by doing the same. The next day everybody forgets you even lived on earth, as they go about the business of living to thrive.

You left the THRIVE part out of your ideology.

Go ahead, try to communicate to the world from heaven. Oh what, you really didn’t want to change the world, and once you get to heaven you’ll forget all those you left behind? I guess loyalty wasn’t your strong suit.

Or maybe loyalty is your strong suit. So how are you going to change the world – earth – from heaven? Are you going to enter peoples’ thoughts while they’re sleeping or appear as voices in their heads while they’re awake? And how many people do you think you can reach with your message by using that strategy? Good luck with that one. Those people – if there are any – will be deemed insane and nobody will listen to them. And what will be your message? Destroy all life on earth? Or survive and thrive?

Nobody listened to you while you were on earth, and you think they’ll start listening to you when you’re dead?

Jihad is about death, not life.

If your life isn’t to your liking on earth, then it’s up to you to make it better by living to thrive, not to die and to make others die with you.

No God ever said that you have to kill yourself and kill a bunch of other people to live the ultimate life in heaven.

You don’t have a world plan do you? You don’t know how to govern, how to make the world a better place.

The way you make the world a better place is by making yourself a better person. It starts with you leading yourself.

The promised land is earth. God kept it’s promise by putting you here. Are you going to accept your responsibility by being guardians of this garden earth?

for recruiter, recruited, leader, follower 

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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