Eyelids drop in anticipation of sleep, knowing tomorrow will make the rest of our lives different but okay. Dissatisfied with today, hopeful for tomorrow and the promises we’ve made to make the future better, as if waking magically creates the possibility, thus the certainty that it will happen. A new day really is a new…Read more »


Memorizing large amounts of data doesn’t equate with being able to interpret the data. The ability to solve puzzles doesn’t equate to solving lifes problems. Life simply does not fit neatly into the predetermined configuration of a puzzle. If memorizing large amounts of data and puzzle solving ability did equate to problem solving ability, then…Read more »


The word fight is used too loosely, too often. Work for a cause, instead of fighting for it. Fighting always gets you into trouble. Working warriors are more effective than fighting warriors. Nobody gets hurt; nothing gets destroyed and more gets done. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


It’s time to retire hardball. Everybody plays it–and all it amounts to–at the end of the day–all things being equal in a perfect world, without rushing to judgement–that it is what it is–been there done that–deja vu all over again–on so many different levels. When the other shoe drops, where the sun doesn’t shine, that’s…Read more »


ISIS is Benjamin Netanyahu’s forever vengeance. And he’s okay with that. It doesn’t matter that his skin is nearly white, and the skin of ISIS is nearly black. Come to America. Make America suffer, so they know how we Jews suffer. Feel our pain. But what happened to ISIS? Why isn’t anybody feeling their pain?…Read more »


I’ve been living in Cleveland too long. I get 50 views on my website and I think I’m going viral, going to the world series and the super bowl. Of course the world knows that none of that will ever happen, but we Clevelanders know it will.  


Screaming full force, with full body – tense as a board –  leaning within inches of a person’s face, is a threat gesture. When you do that, you’re not wanting to be heard, you’re wanting to be punched, so you can beat that person up. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


It’s okay to acknowledge your environment as causing you a troubled, problematic existence. It’s equally okay to simultaneously acknowledge your own power to cope and to thrive within that environment. All animals do it. It’s our nature. It’s okay to rise above the group less inclined to do so. Soaring wherever you are, whatever your circumstances,…Read more »


EVERYTHING I DO (write, cook, paint, and otherwise create), I DO FROM AN ARTIST’S PERSPECTIVE, LOOKING ALWAYS FOR THE ESSENCE, the core, the foundation, the truth behind the facts as they present themselves for interpretation and further expression. THE MOST I can give you is to understand your prejudice. THE LEAST I can give you…Read more »