Nobody cares when a cop gets killed in the line of duty.

Everybody loves to hate cops.

Even the USA government hates cops.

Yet, when the USA government calls the youth of America to fight their wars, and then the youth die in those wars, everybody raises them up with love and caring and tears to make sure nobody ever forgets their sacrifice.

I’m writing this essay and I want to go to the article about the cop that got killed in Queens, New York, but there is nothing there.

All I see is everything about Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu.

Yahoo News has nothing there about never forgetting lest it happen again.

It happened. It’s over. Move on.

I don’t even know the cop’s name, so I’ll have to google it.

It didn’t pop up right away like most things do on google. I had to search.

Brian Moore, 25 years old.

The blacks in America didn’t care. They cheered in their hearts and souls. I know because I felt it. Shot in the face. They loved it. The terrorist who did it is a hero to black America. Blacks in America don’t care how Brian’s family is feeling; they only care about themselves.

The government doesn’t care either. The news shows don’t care. We’re not going to hear a name that nobody can forget. We won’t hear his name at all.

Blacks in America keep telling everybody else to feel their pain. But they refuse to feel anybody else’s pain – if that person is white.

Blacks in America call their own 40 year old men kids, yet this 25 year old white man who was assassinated deserved it, because he was white. It was not because he was a cop. The cops didn’t rape their 40 year old kids in jail. Their own black people did that.

The terrorist who killed the cop aimed for the head – didn’t try to ‘wing’ him – like blacks in America keep saying cops need to do to their 40 year old kids.

There is no solution here that will beg for mercy.

Mercy is equal.

Begging is not an option.

P.S. There will be no protests, burning of cities, burning people alive in their cars, disrupting traffic, destroying businesses in black neighborhoods, that will be perpetrated by white people on behalf of one of their own killed. That’s the nature of white people. All white people care about is working, working, working, so none of that bad stuff happens to them.

On behalf of all blacks in America who have served, I say to Brian Moore, 25 years old, thank you for your service.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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