Just as a person can be transgender, meaning that they don’t identify with their physically assigned sex (the sexual organs that rightly or wrongly categorize newborns as male or female), I wonder if the same can’t be true of race based on color and/or ethnicity?

If a transgender person feels that the configuration of their body and hormones don’t match up to the sex that their brains via their minds tell them they really are, even though the outward appearances of a clearly defined gender are obvious, then why can’t that happen in other realms of existence – especially if transgender is genetically determined?

If gender is as much a state of mind, thus a function of the wiring of the brain, as it is a physical manifestation of opposing hormones which create the physical signs of gender, even when there is no proof other than the stated arguments that a person always felt to be the opposite gender of what their physical attributes indicated they were, and if it is indeed genetically determined, then one could say that race based on color and/or ethnicity could fall within those same parameters.

A black person, or an Italian person, or any person could emerge as a person stuck in a physical reality based on appearance, that they don’t believe is them. A black person stuck in a white person’s body and vice versa. And it could be genetically determined. In fact, interracial marriage could be another expression of transrace.

I wonder if what all this means is that we’re born with the genetic makeup to be any race, color, ethicity, gender etc…which implicates further, that we’re born with the genetic make up to be any animal.

The genetic make up in these regards doesn’t only affect how our brains interpret our physical reality, it helps form the discrepancy. It’s the beginning of the natural evolutionary process of “blending”. The more similar we are, the greater our chances of survival.

Nature sometimes takes a dramatic turn to make this point.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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