The reason nobody pays attention to it, is because it's all agenda oriented. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight



People often talk about the thrill of the hunt - overtaking another being and killing that being, sometimes torturing that being to prolong the thrill, before the final second of death arrives. They don't talk about the hunter seeking the experience of vicarious death. They hunt. They thrill. They want to be hunted, so they... Continue Reading →


If Benjamin Netanyahu doesn't want a two state solution in the land of Palestine, then Israel and Palestine will become a one state solution under the Israeli flag. An estimated 6.08 million Palestinians live in Palestine and Israel. An estimated 4.68 million live in Gaza and West Bank. Israel has an estimated population of 8.3... Continue Reading →


Starting forest fires is an act of terrorism, and should be treated commensurately. All anybody speaks about is the damage to property, instead of the multitude of animals who are burned alive or die from smoke inhalation. Nobody escapes a raging forest fire in the thick of the trees - unless they can fly. That's... Continue Reading →


If I should be happy that you stole my lines and called them yours, then you should be just as happy to give proper credit. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


People rarely call other people who are prejudiced against women, bigots. People rarely call institutions that are prejudiced against women, bigoted. I wonder why, then, we call people who are prejudiced against a religion or a race, bigots. That's a prejudice in itself. They rarely even call these prejudicial people and institutions, sexist. They rarely... Continue Reading →


The stronger, and the longer you hold onto, that prejudice, the easier it is to let it go as fatigue sets in. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight lbt


You don’t have to be an animal lover to respect their right to life. You don’t even have to like them. Just leave them alone and don’t get in the way of their survival. They don’t get in your way. When is the last time a cow, pig, goat, lamb, chicken, buffalo, trout, lobster disrespected... Continue Reading →


The positive side of prejudice is protection of the tribe. It's nature's way of alerting us to possible danger when someone unlike us enters are space. It's human nature and the nature of every other animal. It's written into our DNA. It's a survival mechanism. The new kid on the block is always treated with... Continue Reading →


At the point of fear is where all animals find their strength to survive. At the point of love is where they find their passion to thrive.


Winning is good for the soul. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Governments put out that con about losing makes you grow, and that you should feel guilty, not happy, when you win. All of a sudden everybody's equal. TELL THEM THAT while they fight their forever wars. "Losing makes you grow". ~ Sharon Lee... Continue Reading →


SHARON POEM I’m a Top Shelf Long Island Ice Tea hold the sour, two lemon wedges on the side please, pistol packing double espresso animal-free vegan working for truth machine. My thoughts are my bullets. My delivery system/gun is my writing. I like Guiness in whatever beer I’m drinking when I’m drinking beer. I like... Continue Reading →


DARE TO BE BE DIFFERENT ‘Always give yourself a way out’, my father once told me, while sitting in the front seat of the car as a train traveled on the tracks before us. ‘Never box yourself in’. ‘Don’t be like everybody else’, my mother once told me, while I sat beside her watching her... Continue Reading →


TABLE I never left the table. Even when everyone else left, I stayed. From when I first sat at a table as a toddler, till now at sixty-four years old, I stayed when everyone else left. It wasn’t and isn’t a conscious thing I do, I just do it. That’s me. It was always about... Continue Reading →


THE eBAY BLOCK You can sell a human baby on eBAY for $2,000.00. You can sell a grilled cheese sandwich on eBAY with a char mark that somebody says looks like Jesus (like anyone would know what Jesus looked like) for $25,000.00. Yet eBay put a ceiling price of $5,000.00 on any Paintings By God... Continue Reading →


REGARDING JUICES: A VERY SHORT STORY Years ago I worked for a short time at a produce company. I responded to an ad in the classifieds, for a salad prep job, thinking it was a restaurant. It turned out to be a produce company, but because there was a recession and I needed work, I... Continue Reading →


A CALENDAR Steve bought me a new large calendar with puppy and kitten pictures on it. The old one was written in gray thin print and I couldn’t see it at a distance. Why hang it on a wall if you have to walk up to it every time you need to confirm the date... Continue Reading →


RAISING DOGS I raised my dogs like humans. That’s all I knew how to do. I didn’t know how to raise a dog like a dog – why would I know that? If I had been a dog and had human pets, I would have raised my humans like dogs. Once when my brother came... Continue Reading →


MY CORE My father, mother, my sister, my brothers, my husband and our canine and feline (now deceased) children - That’s my core. That will always be my core. Where’s God in all of this? God is everything; God is all life and non-life, so God in effect isn’t unique to me. My family is... Continue Reading →


Spaulding Baseball Adhesive Tape Fingers Mom Patton Street Chicopee Hand-Sewing Baseballs Going To Work


People define a lie by saying it's the opposite of a truth. Or define a truth by saying it's the opposite of a lie. What's a lie? It's when you don't tell a truth. What's a truth? It's when you don't tell a lie. What's a truth?


Macy's Department Store recently said in response to ending its business relationship with presidential candidate Donald Trump, "Macy's is a company that stands for diversity and inclusion. We have no tolerance for discrimination in any form". I wonder if Macy's Department Store sells food, shoes and fur? Yup, they do. Animals, animals and animals. What comes... Continue Reading →

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