My father, mother, my sister, my brothers, my husband and our canine and feline (now deceased) children – That’s my core. That will always be my core.

Where’s God in all of this? God is everything; God is all life and non-life, so God in effect isn’t unique to me.

My family is unique to me.

For those who don’t have a family or don’t know their family, their core becomes defined by them.

My core, as I define it, shaped and continues to shape who I am.

Even those long dead continue to influence my decisions in a positive, forward moving way.

This doesn’t mean that I go the way of the group or any individual within that group.

What it means is that they are the ones who make me what I am, as I work my way through my life, realizing that I am an individual within that group – different, similar, familiar.

Beyond that core is everything – everybody else.

I care about all of it. Yes, even you who reads this at this moment.

My core, because I hold that core so dear, allows me to not only care, but to help in my own way all else on the planet, in the universe and beyond.

That’s who I am. That’s what I am.

It doesn’t matter if I am or if I’m not a part of anybody else’s core in anybody else’s life.

What matters is whom I hold dear – for in the middle of the night, as I lay awake listening for the door to move, it is my core that keeps me brave.



© 2018 by Chef Sharon Davies-Tight, artist, author, animal-free chef, activist _ IT'S free to read, and share with proper credit, not to own or share as your own _ CHANGING a few words doesn’t alter the DNA of the work _ LIKE a mother knows her children no matter the alterations in appearance, I know my gift when I see it on someone else, even when portions are replaced with a poacher’s words _ IF you receive the goods, you are as much a poacher of talent, words and images as the poacher who stole them – no matter the purpose _ I am not free and you are making me less free by stealing my intellectual material and putting other peoples names to it _ CHANGING A FEW WORDS PROVES YOU KNOW YOU'RE LIABLE _ STEALING another person's intellectual material isn't flattery; it's stealing _ by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

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