I’m a Top Shelf Long Island Ice Tea hold the sour, two lemon wedges on the side please, pistol packing double espresso animal-free vegan working for truth machine.

My thoughts are my bullets. My delivery system/gun is my writing.

I like Guiness in whatever beer I’m drinking when I’m drinking beer.

I like soy milk, haute cuisine, sweating when I work, listening to soft hard rock classical country no jazz music. My favorite song is ‘The Rose’–no matter who’s singing it.

My brain requires order. I like color texture and real.

I like power, mine, to have and behold. I don’t have to behold anybody else’s.

I like the God I create a secret. We create God AND God creates us. That’s what makes us equal.

I like fresh air big sky huge waters and gently moving streams forcefully embracing rocks that can’t move. So water and rock CAN live together.

I like the fine in everything. I like the edge of calm and the chaos of discipline. I like to be all over the board but on the board.

I like the sharp part of harmony. I like giant steps, huge movements, gigantic waves and smooth.

I like tear drops falling down window panes in the fog wherever glass exists. I like icicles. I like fog.

I like wild not crazy wild. I like discipline in my work and easy in everything else.

I’m fiercely yet gently loyal to family first.

I like simultaneous. I like the dance in all I do. I like the art of being AND doing. I appreciate the dance of all life and non-life.

I like to dress up and dress down. I like to improvise circumvent and above all else to create my own happiness and all THAT encompasses.

I like the look and sounds of trees. I appreciate the desert’s wide still sands and the little growths forcing the desert to accept them.

I like viewing the stars but care nothing about the names others give the constellations. A fallen shooting star means a life at least lived. All deaths should be so short.

I am me. Pure and simple. I’m not interested in acceptance nor rejection. I find both to be limiting in my never-ending desire to be free.

I like the edge of the wind–the thunder of the soul and the sweetness of balmy air. I like pink skies, bitter-sweet, tender and strong.

Fear cripples then propels. Terror destroys. I love storms in the night. Destruction becomes my middle name, when my ability to be free is compromised. Terrorize my family and your death certificate has already been signed by you.

‘Live learn laugh love’ and you won’t have to worry about my middle name.


UPDATE: My new favorite drinks:

1–Moscow Mule: vodka, ginger beer, fresh mint and sugar muddle, fresh lime wedge garnish and lots of ice

2–ginger beer

3–almond/coconut milk

4–cashew milk

By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

Paid for by The Animal-Free Chef, AFC GLOBAL and/or Word Warrior GLOBAL. Till now and forever © Sharon Lee Davies-Tight. Share freely with proper credit. "Change the world by changing yourself. You're in the future already. Now what? You determine your outcome."

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