People rarely call other people who are prejudiced against women, bigots. People rarely call institutions that are prejudiced against women, bigoted.

I wonder why, then, we call people who are prejudiced against a religion or a race, bigots.

That’s a prejudice in itself.

They rarely even call these prejudicial people and institutions, sexist. They rarely even use the word rape or rapist anymore. It’s now called a sexual assault perpetrated by an offender.

Maybe that’s because males still rule the news world. But women do the same thing.

It’s kind of like the ‘torture’ word being sanitized by those who want to minimize their horrific actions by calling it enhanced interrogation.

Thank you Donald Trump for using the rapist word.

UPDATE: Well, it didn’t take long for a reporter from the Daily Beast to jump on Donald Trump for referring to Hispanics crossing into the USA illegally as rapists, while acknowledging that some of them are good people.

Now Donald Trump is the alleged rapist configured by that reporter based on a deposition taken during the Donald – Ivan divorce proceedings.

Let it be known that people lie in depositions all the time – for a multitude of reasons. It doesn’t mean that she did or that she didn’t. Only the two of them know.

The upside of Donald Trump using the rapist word is that once the accusation was lodged at him in a very public way, we heard the rape word all over the news.

Ivan and Donald Trump

We now know that marital rape is outlawed in all fifty states – though it wasn’t so long ago that it wasn’t and that women were still regarded legally as the property of their husbands. That Michael Cohen, advisor/attorney for Donald Trump didn’t even know that (writing in response to the Daily Beast article about Ivan and Donald, ” legally you cannot rape your spouse”), and he’s a lawyer, shows that probably most Americans didn’t know that either. Education started in this situation via the news media. And that’s good.

Rape should be an issue in this next presidential campaign. Rape on campuses, rape in the military, rape in the workplace, rape on the street has become a social epidemic and something needs to be done about it. Education is key – at home, in the churches, in the workplace, in every organization. Talking about it, conducting seminars about it, assigning blame correctly, instead of immediately blaming the victim for her or his misfortune – it all needs to be addressed – again and again, until society changes its view.

In the past, we educated the women on how to avoid rape. In future, we need to educate the men on how to stop the rape before it occurs.

Our society still attaches an additional punishment of being raped in prison to anyone serving a sentence for any and all crimes – no matter how minor or egregious. And everybody laughs about it – except the person being raped every night while incarcerated.

It’s strange how Bill Cosby is coddled by the press, always stating all his good works and how everybody loved him, even though he admitted in a deposition that he drugged women for the purpose of having sex. He claimed the sex was all consensual. Well duh, the drugs made them consensual so they wouldn’t/couldn’t/didn’t fight back. That’s rape and Bill Cosby is a serial rapist. But nobody wants to prosecute him.

Where’s the FBI on this? They have his name and address and he’s still a free man. In how many states did he rape women? Who in his personal entourage knew about the rapes, facilitated the rapes and did nothing about it? Didn’t somebody have the responsibility to report those crimes against all those women he raped? Even now that everybody knows the truth, they still don’t want to believe it. Oh, that’s Hollywood. Well, that shouldn’t be Hollywood. That’s been Hollywood for way too long. Everybody knows what they have to do to get that part – when they first start out. It’s common knowledge, yet it goes unchallenged.

So don’t go to Hollywood would be the old advice. The new advice needs to be, if someone expects you to have sex with them to advance your career, report it to the police and the police will act on it.

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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