The reason why there’s so many serial, mass and individual killings in this country and around the world is because church, state, family and school teach our kids to enslave, torture and slaughter other animals.

For God’s sake, you put one on their plate at every meal.

God didn’t tell you to do that.

You pray before you eat it and thank God for giving him/her to you.

God didn’t give that to you. You took it. You trapped it and stole God’s precious life.

No, you don’t get forgiven. You stop. Now.

Humans are animals. To all humans who think they’re better and complain when attacked by another human, that you were treated just like AN ANIMAL!! – I was treated no better than an animal – well, you are an animal.

You need to own that fact. How did you treat animals? Yeah, you.

I ain’t no animal.

Oh yeah, you are. So you think they’re pretty dumb, huh? What’s that God-damned thing on your plate? What did that animal do to you? Huh? You put an animal on the table every night, that you paid someone to kill for you. Yeah, you.

You can’t figure that out? Whoa, now that’s pretty dumb, which makes you a dumb animal.

So that’s how you got treated by your attacker – a human animal attacker. Just like an animal, you got treated like the animal you are.

You said it yourself. Your attacker mistook you for what’s on your plate. And you’re shocked.

A human animal attacked another human animal. And you think you shouldn’t be attacked by another human animal, because you’re what?, civilized? Huh. Then what’s that dead animal, whom you had killed, doing on your plate? Did he/she attack you? How many hon-human animals have you been attacked by?

You paid for it mother fucker. Remember? at the grocery store? Or you stole it.

An animal is an animal. You can’t prove that you’re not an animal, nor can you prove that you’re better than any other animal. All you can prove is that you’re not civilized. The dead animal that didn’t attack you is on your plate. The plate proves it.

Got ya laughin’ now don’t I?

You’re more concerned that I used the words “mother fucker”, than about that dead animal on your plate. Proof that your priorities and morals are all mixed up. It’s worse to call somebody a name than it is to kill someone.

Oh really?? that cow isn’t ‘someone‘? That cow is somebody’s daughter or son that you paid a hit person to kill for you.

What? it isn’t against the law?

You break laws all the time, that you think aren’t fair to you. Besides, there’s no law that says you have to kill another animal. You do it, because you want to do it. Doing something because everybody else does it, puts you in moral jeopardy. Can’t you figure anything out on your own? Or do you let everybody else do your figuring for you?

You’re in trouble with God, in case you didn’t figure that one out yet either.

Take a break from what everybody else does. Start thinking for yourself. The next time you say, you were treated like an animal, better think before you speak. What non-human animal raped you, or beat you, or stole from you, or murdered someone in your family, or tied you up and tortured you, or tried to murder you?

What you really meant is a human animal treated you like you treat all non-human animals.

You think non-human animals deserve to be treated that way. Non-human animals are raped, beaten, tied up and tortured, murdered, and yes stolen from. You steal their babies all the time. The younger they are the better they taste, you say.

You’ve got some rethinkin’ to do.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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