When I first joined Facebook, and being the animal rights activist I am, I saw a lot of slaughter photos/videos, because the friends I had on Facebook were like-minded individuals.

I wasn’t, however, accustomed to seeing up front and personal the actual physical reality of it, even though I had already written about it from the resource of my mind’s eye – knowing logically what happened through the process of enslavement, torture and slaughter. And I was accurate in my writing of what I saw – without physically seeing it.

I viewed EARTHLINGS, but when it came to skinning an animal alive, well, I couldn’t go there, yet.

I eventually did, when recently I saw a video on Facebook. It was a short video, and as I clicked it on I talked to my God, not yours, mine – the God of all – to help me see it, to help me view what to me was the most horrific torture any being could ever experience. It was not easy, but I knew I had to do it.

My God of the animals did that for me – even though that God didn’t have to, because I already knew, and my God already knew that I knew. Still…my God kept me still as I kept saying help me do this.

When it was over, it didn’t change anything about me, except that I had the courage to finally view that which before I could not.

What I’ve seen on Facebook recently is a shift of ‘not all slaughter photos and videos all the time’, but an introduction of saved animals, happy stories of people with their family animals enjoying life. Videos of animals showing compassion toward other animals. Animals grieving when their babies were ripped from them. Animals loving other species – playing with them with carefree delight.  Funny videos. Sweet videos. Angry animals standing up to their aggressors..and on an on.

I believe that in many instances other species are more humane than humans, and those videos have shown that to me and to the world.

I don’t know how that shift happened, where videos/photos on Facebook are now showing the humanity of other species, but I know that it is both appropriate and true.

So, to all those participating in that effort, to show the horror and the humanity – of other animals, I say thank you.

Thank you forever.

~ Sharon Davies-Tight




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