It’s unfortunate that the candidates aren’t allowed to debate each other, when a moderator asks a question. Due to the structure of the debate, the candidates end up debating the moderators. It’s like they’re in a court of law, whereby the lawyers ask the witness the questions on behalf of the jury who will be judging them. Here, the moderators ask the questions on behalf of the audience, and that’s it. If the moderator doesn’t like the answer, they move on.

Folks, this isn’t a court of law. You don’t have permission to examine a hostile witness. But the candidates weren’t hostile to the moderators; it was the other way around. Last night at the Republican Presidential Debate, the moderators were downright mean in the way they asked questions of the candidates. What’s all the anger from the moderators about? It wasn’t professional, and frankly it made me feel uncomfortable.

The moderators need to let each candidate finish their answer. Again and again, the moderators cut off the candidates because their meager time was up. I’d prefer to hear the end of the story, than be slave to a stop watch. What gives here? Are we all still in high school?

Anderson Cooper did the same thing during the Democratic debate – kept cutting people off like he was cutting heads off. You can’t say rules are rules. Who is looking at their watch in order to time their fifteen seconds while they answer the question? No one. Loosen up!!

I felt left up in the air after nearly every unfinished answer. Maybe the moderators should shorten their questions – and take that snide, angry, condescending bitterness out of your tone.

Nearly every time the candidates started debating each other, the moderators shut them down – cold.

We want the candidates debating each other. But it seemed like it was all about the moderators and they getting their views out – and anger! – again, at what?

Better that we have fewer questions and see the candidates actually debate an issue, instead of having to give a rehearsed answer, because the time limit is so short.

The quality of the questions asked was shocking. It was all about character assassination and keeping the American people from hearing the issues. It was tabloid theater at its worst.

What was more shocking is that nobody asked any candidate what they would do about the nuclear waste dumps – a looming and very real nuclear threat in our own country. Just last week Missouri and Nevada were in the news – one leaking and the other one on fire. We have nuclear waste dumps all over the country, and nobody is maintaining them the way they need to be maintained. I can’t be the only one who saw that on the news. Aren’t these debate moderators news people? Either way, don’t they watch the news?

Everybody’s talking about an Iranian nuclear threat that doesn’t exist, while they ignore what’s going on in their own backyard. Shocking. But in fairness they weren’t asked the question. What? The environment was off-limits?

I’m hoping for a better next debate. Frankly, I don’t think that will happen.

This debate made a lot of money for a few people, and the prices of goods advertised just went up due to the high cost of advertising, while banking on you buying their now inflated product. Don’t.

This debate should have been about informing the American people, not making a bunch of money while you got nothing out of it.

P.S. Only one person answered the first question about their personal weakness – Donald Trump. Everybody else had an opening statement they prepared, and since opening statements weren’t allowed, they inserted them under that first ‘personal weakness’ question. DT gave an honest response about his own self. No other candidate did that. Tip of the hat to you Donald Trump.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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