I wonder what a photo of Oprah Winfrey weeping/sobbing/crying is doing on nearly every news site I visit?


Leaked Secret Might Bring Down an Empire

See The Secret! She Hid From The World”

Does Oprah Winfrey even know that her photo is being used that way in an ad? Doesn’t she object? Can she object? She must see the same thing the whole world is seeing ad nauseum.

I didn’t click it on. I’m not interested.

What I am is tired of seeing it everywhere. It’s a distraction to what I’m trying to read. Now she even pops up in the middle of an article – a science article – instead of the usual sidebar distraction. And it’s animated!!


I don’t care why she’s crying. But for months on end?

I guess I could click on the ad and my wonder would go away, but I won’t.



By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer, chef

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