Lawyers control the world. Legislators control the lawyers. Business controls the legislators. Time to change the dictatorial leadership to we the people control the world.  



When the news media allows someone or some group to continuously vent without questioning their thoughts, ideas or motives, they oppress them. Someday when the venters wake up to how ignorant they sounded, they'll blame you for not guiding the interview in a more intelligent exchange. After all you're the professional. But more importantly, they'll … Continue reading NEWS MEDIA HUMILIATES BLACKS


You can't force people to assimilate. They have to want to assimilate. If they migrate to another country and don't want to assimilate, then I must question their motives.  


The hijab is a symbol of enslavement, that Muslim women proudly wear.  

Don’t come to America for just the money opportunity

Only together can we rise above our differences, our prejudices, our weaknesses. Only together can we become strong individuals within a strong nation, that we call home. Only together, with all our individual talents, can we keep our homeland free - free from terror, free from oppression, free to be, to excel, free to love … Continue reading Don’t come to America for just the money opportunity

You Walk Better In Your Own Shoes

People who say 'walk a mile in my shoes' never walked a mile in yours. Everybody walks better in their own shoes. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight  


There's nothing beautiful about a religion that marginalizes half the human race. When Muslims migrate to other lands, they bring that part of ugly with them. How many Muslim women hold public office in the United States? Why when a mosque is in the news, do I see only men? Separating the sexes breeds anger … Continue reading ISLAM IS UGLY

To Blacks In America

If you lick your wounds too long, you'll make them worse. ~ lesson from a dog  

Adam & Eve Were Apes?

If humans evolved from the ape, then God created the ape first - not Adam and Eve. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

Be honest

The next time someone marginalizes you because you're black, say hey, I'm part white - which many blacks refuse to acknowledge about themselves. When you embrace all of who you are, others will too. Come out of the closet that past oppression kept you in. You might just like the new view. ~ Sharon Lee … Continue reading Be honest

Make Yourself Happier

Don’t apologize for your thoughts. That’s how you learn which paths in life to take. Our thoughts, all of them, help us to understand the difference between good and bad, right and wrong. But be reasonable. If you have more bad thoughts than good thoughts, then you need an attitude adjustment. You’re not working at making … Continue reading Make Yourself Happier


With all the bad happening in the world, and given that the God in you has given you the free will to change bad to good, yet you don’t, then expect more of the same. Yes. Blame God. Blame the God that you refuse to tame in yourself. Until you start taming the God in … Continue reading BLAME GOD


The next time you feel hatred toward a person whom you think isn’t your color, nationality or ethnicity, consider that parents often reject their children in whom they see themselves. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight lbt


PI = 3.14 The ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter = 3.141592654... Pi Day is celebrated 14 March. Pi Approximation Day is celebrated 22 July. In the field of mathematics, Pi is an irrational number, meaning that it has an infinite # of digits, and it does not repeat itself in any sequential … Continue reading Pi