We have the results of a holocaust in the meat department of every supermarket in the world. We snuff out callously and viciously the lives of other creatures for our own pleasure and gratification. And we’re untouched as we stroke the loins and marvel at the cut. All my senses, with all that I learn,... Continue Reading →


The cradle of the universe is in the palm of your soul  


I can’t see it. Where is it? Like atoms, and molecules and atomules: everywhere. And it’s killing us, silently, beneath the guise of protection, as we turn on ourselves by turning on each other--a suicide--a homicide--silent dreams, that nobody hears, nor wants to--until now. Happy dreams and sweet dreams will not be forced on anyone.... Continue Reading →


Wind songs whisper through summer sands brash promises of winter snow nights melting in memories of that which spring failed miserably to deliver. Howling, piercing pain tunnels through funnels of hardened flesh frozen by air--whistling a tune one prefers not to hear. A tune one cannot help but stutter upon as it stops in mid-air.... Continue Reading →


The universe knows the secrets though, of sinister plans of the past to dim the shining light of the first born of every bright star. Now, and only out of desperation do they sing a new, loud and bawdy tune reminiscent of past atrocities exposed by the melody of corruption. Yes, the universe knows the... Continue Reading →


Hard words flowing from a soft pen, turning fondly into thoughts--as God, my God, guides with fluid snow that which will melt every heart. I want to continue, not ever having cared for endings--happy or otherwise. And I will do as I desire, whether imprisoned or free--it doesn’t matter. Smooth as black glass rippling in... Continue Reading →


The mind is most powerful when it’s stubborn. The resistance of the mind is like super glue--one drop holds a yacht, keeps a mountain from moving, stops the sea from separating, and creates a frustration so intense in a person witnessing it in another, that it can cause heart attacks, strokes, cancer and who knows... Continue Reading →


Winding staircases around dreams of moons and star gazers gone to sleep beneath a starless sky, hoping that sleep itself might turn a blanket into a jewel studded universal wonder, that we all hope someday will wind it’s way around our lives making us for once the center of something other than somebody else’s rainbow.... Continue Reading →


Where people and events block you from your goals, your creative energy will bloom elsewhere in a different way. Trust that you will bloom one way or another; all life does. Some will note that some flowers die before they bloom. Not so. If they sprouted, they bloomed. If the seed doesn’t sprout, then that plant... Continue Reading →


I am not just the messenger, but also the receiver of the message. So what God has to say through me to you is for me too. In that regard, I can interpret the message in terms of what it means to me personally. I cannot, however, interpret the message for you.  I would not... Continue Reading →


Since when did that all happen? To say that all humans have the same God, the same father - absent a mother - who is all-knowing, all-powerful, all-forgiving, all-good and kind just doesn't fit the reality of human existence. Famine, disease, war aren't good, forgiving or kind. There is nothing all-knowing and all-powerful about anybody's... Continue Reading →


ISIS promotes death not life. ISIS is an occupying force. ISIS enslaves, tortures and slaughters the inhabitants of the towns and cities they occupy. ISIS leaders and followers are dictators, not liberators. They free no one. ISIS is worse than any current dictator, and as bad as the worst dictators of the past. ISIS oppresses... Continue Reading →

Medical Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are written by lawyers, which means you just never know if a product is safe or not.  

new year resolute five words simultaneously catch up and advance  


Pity is a form of prejudice. When you pity someone, you put them beneath you - making yourself superior. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight  

People the world over pray to me to help them, but none of them do what I say. Stop coming to me directly if you're going to ignore my reply and run to your holy books for the answer.  


BATTLING BED BUGS IN CLEVELAND, OHIO The blood-sucking terrorists are everywhere. Cleveland 3rd in the nation. Bed Bug Myth They don't getcha only when you're sleeping as myth, folklore, exterminating companies and the government tell you. They get you any time, any where, under any circumstance. They travel at all times of the day and... Continue Reading →


It's always rich people's kids who are attracted to cults. It's rich people's kids who become radicalized and travel to far lands to support ideologies and wars they don't really understand. After all, how could they afford to do what they do if they didn't have rich parents? They (the kids) want to be dominated,... Continue Reading →


Spokespeople for the military often say: We plan for the worst and hope for the best. Flaw. All militaries should plan for the worst and plan for the best. By not planning for the best outcome, one must surmise that the best is nothing more than shooting in the dark, whistling past the graveyard, a... Continue Reading →

When mothers act weaker than their twelve year old sons - worldwide - what does that tell you about the oppression of women - worldwide?  


Homosexuality is not a religion. For courts to use religious arguments to prohibit homosexuals from pursuing their right to happiness is prejudicial, thus should not be allowed or even considered in a court of law.  

Benjamin Netanyahu holds a political gun to the head of every current and aspiring politician in the USA. End it.  

I don't want to be a sympathetic figure in other people's lives. I want to be a powerful presence in my own life.  


Gross, disproportionate, profound suffering always exist under conditions of occupation. Poles - Auschwitz Concentration Camp Soviet Red Army liberated camp 27 January 1945 I wonder how long it would have taken Hitler and the Jews to reach an amicable, mutually beneficial settlement agreement had the world not intervened to stop the horror? Now that the... Continue Reading →


Make a difference in this world by living not dying. That is your destiny. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight  


There's a difference between high anxiety and high alert. There is no anxiety in high alert - only extreme calm with all senses operating optimally. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight  


"May the blood of Christ keep me safe for eternal life". ~ Quote from Pope Benedict 16th - Christmas Eve mass at St. Peter's Bascilica. 12 -23/24 - 2015. In other words, may we keep putting our children in front of us, to die for us, in never-ending wars, so we will be safe -... Continue Reading →


Benjamin Netanyahu seeks the same pure race, Jewish supremacy, in Israel, as the White supremacists seek in the USA. I wonder how many White supremacists in the USA and Europe are actually Jew who wear the Cloth of Christian?  

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