“May the blood of Christ keep me safe for eternal life”. ~ Quote from Pope Benedict 16th – Christmas Eve mass at St. Peter’s Bascilica. 12 -23/24 – 2015.

In other words, may we keep putting our children in front of us, to die for us, in never-ending wars, so we will be safe – forever.

Sacrifice the individual or the many, justifying the ‘means to achieve the end’, which is forever peace that is never achieved. To achieve through scientific research via enslavement, torture and slaughter of those we deem inferior, a longer life for some, are words that Jeremey Bentham and Peter Singer could have written.

And they did, copied them, almost word for word in support of an old Christian ideology, that has no place in the present.

We humans don’t have to worry about what happens to our souls after we die. We need to fix the hell we’ve created right here on earth.

Justifying the deaths of some so that the privileged can live a longer life, doesn’t bring anybody any closer to heaven, or ever-lasting life, via the continuation of the human race, here or any place else.

We’ve been shedding blood all over the planet for thousands of years. You might think by now that we would have gotten the message that it’s not working to achieve anything except more blood-letting.

Shedding somebody else’s blood hasn’t protected anyone from future harm.

Go ahead, smear the blood on your door and see if it keeps the terrorist out. If the terrorist smears the blood on their door is it going to keep you out, if you want to rid the world of evil?

Somebody had to be sacrificed in order to smear the blood on all the doors. Lots of beings had to be sacrificed. Before you know it, everyone will be sacrificed. When and by what method does the destruction end?

One more time, one more bomb, one more person going prematurely to their death to court the favor of their God. It’s getting old and tiresome.

Take all the money spent on weapons and wars and we’ll have the garden earth everybody’s God talked about.

But everybody wants the blood, wants the wars, wants the money made by wars, wants the illusion of protection that the spilling of somebody else’s blood affords them. Nobody has a vision of peace. Everybody accepts that war is inevitable.

War isn’t inevitable, unless we make it inevitable.

One person dying did not change the world for the better. Millions of people dying did not change the world for the better. What changes the world for the better are people working in a non-war capacity, a non-slaughter capacity, to make the world a better place for all beings.

Do you think that if all the vegans in the world became radicalized and decided to rid the world of all animal-abusers, which is practically the entire human race, that the world would be a better place?

Do you really want to rid the world of all life, so the planet can take a million year break and start all over again?




Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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